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We, the Dr. Ambedkar Educational Aid Society and United Awareness Committee of the Ravidassia Community hereby express our resentment against the contemptuous comments by Baba Ramdev  for Dalits and Rahul Gandhi vice-president of Indian National Congress. Ramdev may claim himself a yoga guru but the hatred and derogatory remarks by him had clearly demonstrated his supercilious attitude towards the Dalits, association with rival groups and lack of respect for other contemporary leaders in the mainstream. He is not liable to be called a guru but a bad element in the Indian society possessed with unethical standards, prejudiced of others and promoting antagonism in the society siding with Narendra Modi.

We, the Dalits community living in the United States, strongly condemn his remarks and urge the Indian government that this Baba should be held responsible for his inappropriate remarks, arrest him and bring to justice under applicable SC & ST and hate crime, punishable by the law.   
Thank you.

Rakesh Chander 
(916) 698-3808
For Dr. Ambedkar Educational Aid Society. USA &
United Awareness Committee of Ravidassia Community, USA

Posted on on April 28, 2014

It is saddening to learn about the passing away of your father-in-law,Mr Dharam Singh Bharti. On behalf of myself and the supreme council Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA, I convey deep condolences to the bereaved family with prayers for peace and tranquility of the departed soul. O.P. Balley



Dear Prem Chumber Ji,

I have been reading “Ambedkartimes” ever since its inception and appreciate your ardent dedication inprojecting the image of the noble and lofty ideals of our pioneers. I also congratulate you for starting “DeshDoaba” recently and wish you continued success in your future endeavors towards community service.

Mr. Chumber is a very prolific writer and aprofessional journalist to handle the sensitive issues and concerns, pertaining to the interest of the community as a whole, in a very unbiased and objective manner. The formidable task performed by Babasaheb, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar as a distinguished scholar in the framing of India’s constitution and for providing a pioneering leadership in the emancipation of the millions of the down –trodden is very well illustrated in your columns. You are also doing a good job in highlighting therevival of the movement of Ad-Dharm founded byBabu Mangu Ram Muggowalia in the 1925’s, who also supported the mission of Babasaheb.

Since I had the privilege to meet Babasaheb and BabuMangu Ram Muggowalia in person in 1956 and 1963 respectively, this message also carries my humble tributes to the memory of these noble souls for their selfless services towards social justice. Mr. Chumber needs encouragement and help with a wider and robust readership of his News papers to build a healthy and enlightened public opinion on various issues confronting the community. Thanks
General Secretary,Supreme Council, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA
(Posted on dated June 4, 2012)

O.P. Balley
(General Secretary), Supreme Council,
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Supreme Council, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA in regard to the situation arising out of the inclusion of “Ambedkar- Nehru” cartoon in Indian text-books wherein Dr. Ambedkar has been shown and likened to a slow -moving snail in the drafting of the constitution of India and Pt. Nehru, the then prime minister of India, whipping him to hurry up.

Undoubtedly It might have provided some kind of personal entertainment for those responsible for including this cartoon in the political science text- books for Grade XI, but they have ignored the fact that it has belittled and mocked the illustrious contributions and historically acclaimed image of Baba Sahib, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, not only as the architect of the constitution of free India by doing the formidable task of drafting it single-handedly but also as the crusader and emancipator of the socially , economically and politically down-trodden sections of Indian society. They also perhaps failed to recognize a permanent imprint left on the minds of the young readers of text-books about the distorted image of “Bharat Rattan” Babasaheb. (The Jewel of India).
Why this situation has been allowed to linger on so long needs a thorough investigation and those responsible should be brought to justice.
We also support and appreciate the cross-section opinions in Indian parliament as well as the world and local media including “Ambedkar Times” for their vehement condemnation of the entire episode.

Let the condemnation of “Manusmriti” which has founded and deepened the roots of caste system in India become the curricula in the educational institutions in India so that the damage it has been doing to the society for centuries is exposed to the future guardians of the nation.

Posted on May 16, 2012


We are writing this letter in regard to the situation arising out of an advertisement associated with the celebration of 635th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj in a local news paper “Sadeloak”wherein Guru Ji ‘s picture has been shown with a Dastar on his head. Since the display of Ravidass ji’spicture in this form is a complete distortion of his centuries -old and historically acclaimed image, it hassent waves of shock and discontentment among theentire Ravidassia community.

With deepest regards and respects for Dastar, turbanand other religious codes and symbols, the Ravidassia community has the honor and full rights to protect our religious history as well.

In honor of the spirit of professional journalism and maintaining the harmonious relationship among different faiths and beliefs, we strongly urge the entire Indian media in USA not to publish any information in future related to Guru Ravidass Ji with a distorted anduntrue picture.

The following Sabhas of California functioning under the banner of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji join us and strongly support us in sending this communication.

1.Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha,Pittsburg,California 2.Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha,Bay area Fremont. 3.Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Rio Linda,(Sacramento) 4.Shri Guru RavidassSabha, Fresno.5. Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha,YubaCity 6. Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha, Salma.
Thanking you.
Supreme Council Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas,USA

O.P.Balley, General Secretary,
Supreme Council, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabhas, USA.,
PO Box 1445 Martinez, CA 94553

The Ravidassia community has been passing through a lot ofsocial, religious and political strains and stresses for some timepast in regard to its religious identity and long relationship with the mainstream sikh community. We need to examine and analyze this tangled situation in its historical perspective toproject an unbiased picture.

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE :- Ever since the compilation of holy GURU GRANTH SAHEB Ji by GuruArjan Dev Ji in 1604 A.D most of the lower sections of Indiansociety, especially in Northern India have devotedly followedits teachings. The basic reason behind their faithful adherence to Guru Granth Saheb was that besides sikh gurus it alsoenshrines the sacred hymns of many other spiritual masters of the “BHAGTI MOVEMENT” who happened to belong to lower castes. Guru Ravidass JI who was one of the pioneers of the movement preached equality, love and universality of one God. The evils of social inequality based on caste and religious distinctions which had plagued the Hindu society for centuries became the main inspiration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to found a classless religion which denounced all man -made social distinctions.

Despite the hazards of travel in those times Guru Nanak Dev Ji undertook five long and rigorous tours in India and abroad to enlighten the people about the true and realistic meaning of religion by exposing the hollowness and fruitlessness of ritualistic practices of that time.

With the passage of time and history standing as evidence theforces of caste prejudices and distinctions perpetrated by vested interests in Sikhism itself started to overshadow the preachingsof Guru Granth Saheb Ji. The result was that socialfragmentations which Guru Nanak Dev ji , Guru Ravidass Jiand other sikh gurus wanted to abolish, started to gatherstrength again and thus the noble teachings of GURU GRANTH SAHEB were confined to its sacred pages only.

Frequent changes in Sikh Maryadas , definitions of a real sikh and other differential treatments towards lower sections pushed the Ravidassia community to build their own temples and spiritual Deras .But the sanctity of Guru Granth Saheb and its teachings was always maintained with full respect and reverence.

Babasaheb Dr.B.R Ambedkar , a crusader against Hindu caste system being practiced from the era of Manu Simriti and a dynamic leader and conscience of the unprivileged and the suppressed sections of Indian society once seriously considered conversion to Sikhism as a viable means of liberation from the shackles of Hindu beliefs and practices of higher and lower castes but he soon found out that caste system supported by vested interests and monopolistic trends was very much alive among Sikhs too. Sikh leaders never wanted to share the management positions in SGPC with members of the lower castes. This led Babasaheb to change his mind and he embraced Budhism with hundreds of thousands of his followers in October, 1956. This definitely put a very heavy lid on the expansion of sikhism in India and abroad.

Empty Slogans:- Both Hindus and Sikhs have always been raising their empty slogans that they believe in social equality and that members of the lower castes are integral part of their social and religious hierarchy but history loudly speaks and points to the contrary.

INCIDENT IN VIENNA:- With the assassination of SantRamanand of Dera Suchkhand Ballan in Vienna, Austria last year the situation has been pulling through a very chaotic phase. It is needless to mention that Dera Ballan from its very inception has been very much devoted in its efforts to propagate the teachings of Guru Granth Saheb. Leaders in SGPC in particular and other sikh organizations in general should have taken very serious and farsighted steps to avoid and stem the tide of frustration and humiliation among theRavidassia community which led to the initiation of GuruRavidass Amrit Bani as its own religious entity.

ESTABLISHMENT OF SUPREME COUNCIL IN USA:-After the occurrence of this unfortunate incident inVienna the need for a central body was felt more imperatively to usher in an environment of awareness, understanding and homogeneity in our vision to start a process of reconciliation among divergent shades of public opinion all over the world.With this motive in mind the emergence of this Supreme council of all Shri Guru Ravidass sabhas USA became a reality.

After its establishment the Supreme council submitted a memorandum to Government of India through the consulate General of India , San Francisco in person, sent communications to Government of Austria ,Chief Minister of Punjab and SGPC to adopt all possible measures to calm down the explosive situation created by the tragic incident in Vienna. But unfortunately all our communications went unheeded with no response. A comprehensive dialogue should have been initiated by SGPC and other centers of sikh power andinfluence in a spirit of selflessness, compassion , respect and reconciliation but nothing happened and instead widened the gulf.

ANALYTICAL COMMENTARIES:- A wide range of analytical interpretations and public commentaries on this important subject are witnessed all over the world with seriouspotential and far- reaching implications on the initiation of Guru Ravidass Amrit Bani as its own religious entity.

There is no question about the truth that “in theory” both Sikhism and SGGS prohibit casteism in any form but thisassertion is limited only to the holy pages of Shri Guru GranthSahib.

2. How much has SGPC or other Sikh organizations have done for assimilation of lower castes into Sikhism and recognition of their historical rights.?

3. The representation of lower castes in Sikh Gurudwaras is mostly limited to kirtan and dhadi jathas and kitchen sewadarswhile the upper management never moves from the hands of higher caste Sikhs. That is not what Guru Granth Saheb teaches us.

ADHERENCE TO the Sanctity of SGGS:- In spite of thegrim situation created in context of the above facts SUPREME COUNCIL ,SHRI GURU RAVIDASS SABHAS,USA will continue its adherence to the sanctity of SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHEB JI and maintain the status-quo in itsaffiliated temples in USA till this vital issue is finally examined and settled by a galaxy of intellectuals and community scholars at an international forum .We should notdraw any hasty conclusions from the current state of affairswhich can end up in making confusions more confounded.

Uniformity of Names of Deras:-The supreme council USA also requests and urges all sant 108 Deras in Panjab or elsewhere to adopt uniformity of name to their Deras as ShriGuru Ravidass Temples with their existing names to continueas additional identity. This will bring a spirit of unity and homogeneity in their religious institutions.

SUGGESTED MEASURES FOR FUTURE:- It is never too late to mend the fences of mutual relationships damaged by lack of farsightedness and exploitation by anti-social elements and vested interests. To find some in-roads into the tangled situation of the day we strongly suggest and urge that SGPC ,the mainstream sikh organizations ,the spiritual Deras ofRavidassia community and well known communityintelligentsia should engage themselves into a very serious, healthy and honest dialogue based on equality and dignity torecognize the genuine and legitimate rights of Ravidassiacommunity which historically belong to them in themanagement of SGPC and other sikh shrines.

If we all follow the process with a sincere insight, truth and flexibility of vision it can be a clarion call to find a way out of current divisions and social discord.

INTERFAITH HARMONY AS ULTIMATE GOAL: - In conclusion of what we have stated above we would like to elaborate a little more in general that despite aprominent role any religion plays in people’s lives, a fundamental misunderstanding and ignorance about its truemeaning and function starts to gain momentum to mislead the minds of the innocent people in various faiths today. They seem to have lost connection with their true source of divinity. Every religion or faith is trying to operate to maintain its own uniqueness, traditional culture but divisive sectarianism pulls itaway from its true path. We need to involve every faith to start on the path of mutual respect and understanding to live in peace and harmony. We have to accept the universality of one Godthough with different names.

“Let us release our grudges, anger, hatred and pains, because these are nothing but binding chains. Let us serve all who are in need, regardless of race, color and creed. Let us remember that we are all one , embracing all and discriminating none.”


O.P.Balley Martinez, (California)

This year we will commemorate 119th Birthday anniversary of the great leader of India, father of the Indian constitution, the very conscience of the socially oppressed, who dedicated his entire life for their emancipation and uplift, Bharat Rattan Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Before paying my humble tributes to the memory of the most luminous stars in the galaxy of human intelligentsia I extend my hearty congratulations to millions of his followers all over the world on this auspicious occasion.

Some of the glimpses of his unrelenting struggle and sacrifices to fight against social injustice which speak for themselves are shared as under: Dr. Ambedkar, born on April 14, 1891 in a Mahar family hailing from the state of Maharashtra, grew up in the midst of harsh and severe social disabilities which the untouchables, also known as dalits and later as scheduled castes, suffered at that time. He acquired the first hand knowledge of the inequalities and in-built inadequacies in the entire social spectrum of Indian society. He created awareness among the exploited and derelicted members of society to raise their voice against the unjust social order.

EDUCATIONIST:- Baba Sahib as he was lovingly and affectionately known firmly believed that education is the light to the mind as eyes to the blind. His birth in a family of so called “untouchables” exploded the false myth that education is the birth right of only the selected segments of society. His intellect, vision, creativity and farsightedness reinforced the reality that it is the worth and not the birth which is the real source of one’s recognition in any society. In the philosophy of Baba Sahib the place of self- respect and human pride was the greatest and most important. He, through education wanted to develop the qualities of justice, equality, freedom and fearlessness. After completing his academic pursuits in U.S.A and England he returned to India in 1920 to grapple with the problems of social degeneration and Hindu antagonism created by “Manuwad” based on inequality and injustice, which had been eating like a cancer for centuries into the very vitals of Indian society.

NATIONALIST :- Dr. Ambedkar was a fervent nationalist who transcended all political differences with other national leaders of the time with regard to his love and patriotism for his motherland. He supported the prosecution of war against the Nazis and fascists while appointed as labor member to Viceroy’s executive council ,as witnessed by late Lord Mountbatten the then British Commander-In –Chief of Allied forces in South East Asia during world war II in his expositions on the personality of this illustrious Indian leader.

CONSTITUTIONALIST:- He was a seasoned statesman, politician and a nation builder who welded the entire nation into one unified entity through his charismatic skills and wisdom in drafting the constitution of free India. It was his exceptional knowledge of constitutional law which earned him the distinct honor to tackle justly and fairly the diverse and complex intricacies of Indian social order. As chairman of the drafting committee Dr. Ambedkar had to tackle almost single- handedly the gigantic task of drafting and presenting the constitution of free India within a very limited period of time. He stood like a tower of strength, guiding, explaining and clarifying the intricate provisions of the constitution. The man who publicly burnt Manusmiriti in 1927 presented another Smiriti or living law ( i.e. The Indian constitution) which granted the people of India ,justice, liberty, Equality and Fraternity instead of inequality, discrimination and social fragmentations.

According to Dr.Bannerjee, a profound scholar and an eminent author, “ The speeches delivered by Dr.Ambedkar in the constituent assembly as the chairman of the drafting committee shows his profound scholarship, admirable capacity for lucid exposition, penetrating intellect and his courageous statesmanship. Indeed he may very rightly be regarded as the chief architect of the present constitutional structure.”

WHY EMBRACED BUDHISM?:- After his personal experiences and carping humiliations of Hinduism plagued with caste discriminations Baba Saheb once seriously considered conversion to Sikhism as a viable means to escape from the shackles of Hinduism but he soon found out that caste system is very much alive among the Sikhs too. This made him change his mind and embraced Budhism.

While paying his tributes to Dr. Ambedkar, late Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru,the first prime minister of India, in his speech in the Indian Parliament said, “ Dr.Ambedkar will be remembered mostly as a symbol of revolt against all the oppressive features of Hindu society. His virulent opposition to those oppressive features had kept people’s mind awake. Although he was a highly controversial figure he played a very constructive and important role in making of the constitution of India and Hindu Law Reforms. He revolted against something which everybody should revolt against.”

STATUS OF WOMEN:-His painstaking and pioneering work as the first law minister of free India in the enactment of Hindu Code Bill for which he faced lot of opposition from many quarters was an outstanding piece of legislation and contribution in the uplift of the status of women in India.

It was the most thrilling and rewarding experience of my life when I was blessed to meet Baba Sahib in person for the first time at his residence on Alipore Road, Delhi in January,1956 with the help of Mr.Nanak Chand Rattu, private secretary of Baba Sahib. Thereafter , I had many opportunities to see, talk and listen to him in person which are deeply embedded in my memories and will carry them as a holy relic for the rest of my life.


On December 6,1956 while on way to my office located right in front of Baba Sahib’s residence I heard on All India Radio the sad news of his sudden demise. I was among the very few who arrived first at his residence in the early morning where I had the rare opportunity along with five other persons to carry Baba Sahib’s mortal body from his bed room to the main lobby for public view. A vast sea of mourners ,thereafter, gathered at his residence to participate in a miles-long funeral procession to the Palam airport before flying his body to Bombay for cremation. In the end I must mention that though the lamp which guided the destiny and showed the path to millions groping in darkness was suddenly extinguished by the cruel clutches of his untimely death but his contributions and sacrifices for the unprivileged in particular and the entire Indian society in general will live forever, adorning the pages of the history of India and the world like a precious jewel. His crusade for social justice will be cherished as a perpetual source of inspiration and encouragement to fight against the forces of tyranny and injustice for generations to come.


1. “ Glory to those who would keep on their struggle for the liberation of the enslaved in spite of heavy odds, carping humiliations, storms and dangers till the down trodden secure their rights.”
2. “ Whatever I have done I have been able to do after passing through crushing miseries and endless troubles all my life in fighting with my opponents. With difficulties I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan march on despite the hurdles that may come in its way. If my lieutenants are not able to take the caravan ahead they should leave it there but in no circumstances should they allow the caravan to go back. This is the message to my people”.
3. “ Turn in any direction you like ,caste is the monster that crosses your path. You cannot have political reform, you cannot have economic reform unless you kill this monster”.

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