M S Bahal
(Coordinator Bamcef International network)

Jai Mulnivasi! Jai Bheem!!

It is a matter of great joy and pride that long ignored ,excluded and deprived people have learnt how to be successful? BSP'S triumphed by walking over all odds merely by the strength of its own strategy and hard work by its cadre. For this glorious out put, I salute to each and every cadre of BSP and BAMCEF who prepared the ground for this lovely harvest. It is a victory for self-respect and dignity and for our liberation from the slavery of thousand's of years. This victory have broken and defeated all the taboos Brahmins have initiated and promoted against us that we are born only to serve them rather than to rule them. Today let us tell them loud and clear that it may be their interest to be our maters but it is not our interest to be your slaves.

Today we have a good reason to hold our head high and celebrate this long waited. Opportunity and we must celebrate and promote to its fullest. Today we have proven our worth and I congratulate our honorable leader Bahen Mayawati Jiand all of the cadres of BPS and Bamcef whose hard work and continuous labour have paid off. Say it social engineering or social awakening make no difference what counts that it has done the trick. Notwithstanding the happiness on this occasion, I must warn my people not to be complacence and be content with this we have only taken a step in the right direction but we have long way to achieve our goal.

In this success, we have also taken support of Brahmins, who have been our sworn enemy in the past, therefore let us not take them lightly and bogus. We must learn from history what they are capable of inflicting by infiltrations. Every time when we became rulers of India or part of India destroyed us by infiltration but let us make sure not this time. From Buddha to Bradharath, from Ravidas Ji to Tookaram Ji, from Chatter Patti Shivaji to Guru Govind Singh our history is full of their conspiracies and treachery. Let us keep our past in sight and move forward by using them as they have used us, they may have succeeded in past but not in future. As long as we keep our Bahujan and Mulnivasi concept paramount and promote it vigorously and remain united we will win them all the way to take overall control of our country.

Many people have been making all sorts of comments they are entitled to do so but let us not forget that Behanji is leader of BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party).please don't drag her down to chamar or even dalit lady .We must learn to be leader of others in the real sense and project us in majority-concept rather than in minority. Congress and Gandhi have all in their times tried their best not to let Baba Sahib Ambedkar become the leader of majority and all the time projected him as a leader of Mahar's the most leader of scheduled -castes when we know very well what Baba Sahib Stood for?

We all know Baba Sahib Ambedkar stood for all Indian Women for SC, ST., and
OBC and all religiously converts. We also know what he achieved and how he
broadened his struggle to all over India thought he started from Maharashtra and Mahar's. I find this was the biggest tragedy and discredit congress managed to inflict on him. Similarly they have done to the RPI and turned into a minority party the party of beggars rather than fighters of all Bahujan for whom it was established.

I even call upon all our intellectuals and scholars to do away the use of word Dalit and stick to the terminology of Bahujan and broaden its outlook, if we want to march to the Indian parliament and capture the absolute power. It is not an easy task and let us not makes it even harder by glorifying the minority and caste concept. We know very well that the caste is very divisive and conflict-redden therefore we must not use any word or statement that can create conflict among us. In the last seven years from the Bamcef platform I have visited and spoken in many Indian states and found that caste is still our biggest enemy. Especially in Punjab where Scheduled -Castes are 28% but cannot put their act together because of the caste problem. I hope all who are concerned will unite forces and learn a lesson to defeat the caste and become Bahujan Mulnivasi in real sense and then march on to our states as well as to Indian Parliament where Baba Sahib stands in wait in that compound , indicating to our ultimate goal.

If we managed to do that only then, I am more than convinced we will succeed and leave our legacy for the up coming generation to be proud of us and be free. To fulfill our dreams and dreams of our future generation let us work together and make contributions toward it in the field we are best. It is not a fight of one caste or any one individual it is a fight of all of us together. We have seen the money and gun personalities and all Brahminical astrology and big government machinery have failed against the mass awakening by the BSP and BAMCEF cadres, weather people agree or not but I am convinced and know no better.There are many opportunist people who are trying to jump on this success wagon of BPS, I request my people to be please vigilant and don't get carried away.

I have recently visited many states in India and Celebrated 116 Birthday celebration Of Baba Sahib Ambedkar; I will put a full report soon.

POSTED ON MAY 17, 2007



M. S. Bahal

My Dear Mulnivasi Sathio,

I am extremely happy to learn that on 2nd.December 2006 all the fragmented sections of Bamcef network met and resolved to an unconditional unificationto be more efficient and effective to fulfil our forefather's dream ofLiberation, equality and fraternity. For last three years I made someefforts to have one bigger and stronger organisation, but some arrogant,selfish and foolish people erected so many unnecessary barriers to defeatthis thought. Slowly, slowly this started building mistrust and hesitationabout the real motive of some workers. It wasn't long before the truecolour, honesty and sincerity of some activists became evident to us. Some dissatisfied, workers took the needed action and that resulted this new bornunification. I hope this newly formed unification will last and play themost needed part in fulfilling the dreams of our forefathers. I hope wehave learned a lesson from our past to redefine our future.I was asked by our group as well as my old colleagues from your group toparticipate at your forth-coming convention in Luhknow December 2006. Thisrefreshes my old memories, that in year 2000, same place in Luhknow Ibecame part of this mulnivasi Indian organisation called BAMCEF. The reasonfor me to join you was to exchange the information we have overseas and your networks have at home. In 2000 I felt that it was the need of the dayand also this will strengthen our movement in India and abroad. It may besurprise to you but I confirm that we abroad are victims of caste as muchas you are in India. 20th.March 1954letdown by the educated class for not being involved with his movement. Baba Sahib Ambedkar said with heavy heart that he was deceived or

Sathio That was in year 1954, when there was not any exodus or mass migration toother countries of the world to better of live socially and economically.Suppose Baba Sahib Ambedkar was alive today and looked at the NRIS andtheir contribution to his movement. I am definite he would have not spared the NRIS in this concept. Now if Baba Sahib isn't here to say or remind usdoes that mean we the NRIS should not fulfil our duties? This realisationwas enough to join you.I made the decision on the platform without any obligation to invite your, then President Waman Meshram at my own expense to help me establish and strengthen these ties. I wasn't happy to find that he couldn't speak good English and his behaviour is incompatible and counterproductive to thewestern communities, therefore next time, I requested B D Borkar and took him also. Your President is fully aware of all the difficulties I faced in having their visas granted. I was committed on my part to pay my debts to Baba Sahib for his sacrifices he made for my liberation. I wasn't influenced by any personality but your objectives and the strategy to bring liberty and equality to the whole Bahujan Samaj. I thought about and wanted the same opportunity for all of you to rise in your life that came my way because of the struggle lead by Baba Sahib Ambedkar.We hardly had any establish link yet that in 2003 a disturbance that upset us and caused the split haunted us. Though there was a very serious allegation levelled of an immorality on Waman Meshram, as many of you are aware, I tried to please both sided and begged for reconciliation but failed. Keeping the organisation and its role home and abroad as well as need for a matured preacher I decided to side with Waman Meshram along with some colleagues, hoping that Waman Meshram will improve and realise his mistake. To my apprehension he turned nastiest and insupportable in his behaviour as we progressed in our movement nationally and internationally.It wasn't only his arrogance, may be he have this misgivings that the rise in the popularity and support home and abroad is due to his speeches rather His dictatorial and authoritative attitude, deceptive, dishonest and cunning behaviour and not answerable to any body standoff is responsible for his down fall. It may be the excessive funds in the short time that came in his possession that he never ever have seen before made him insincere and unaccountable. I find he failed in his calculations to realise how much more was in pipeline waiting for him. I used to think he is clever, confident and expert of his field but today, I can say with authority that he is unconfident, foolish and very coward man.Thought, today the international network feels, we are betrayed and deceived by him still they assured me, and all of you that they areattracted to Bamcef not because of his speeches or any personalities but of the principles and the larger objectives. His deception apparent and you can observe from his behaviour of printing many international dignitaries names without their consent. My own enquiry reveals that 98% people will not be there except one odd. I know my message is going to irritate him but he must learn to respect other move along with them. the hard work put in by many of my colleagues home and abroad.

Sathio,I want to make it very clear in this message that my fight is not with Waman Meshram or any of his colleagues, but his unacceptable behaviour and deceptive system that he have put in place undermining the authority of General body as well as central executive committee. I could not tolerate his standoff bigger that the organisation. His hate generating propaganda made him look very little in my eyes, in truth a man of non-existence.Without making him any issue for our future, I request to all my colleagues and co-workers that if we want to move forward and achieve our objectives by year 2010, we have to give importance to organisation rather than to any personality. I am not against appreciating and thanking all those who make extraordinary contribution. Without those we cannot survive. If we fail to operate democratic and transparently, we will find ourselves, time to time again facing the same problem, therefore let us bury that system once forever that creates splits.I assure you from the international network weather I remain the Internationa coordinator of this organisation or not it is of no consequences, this international network will remain committed to spread this movement in 100 countries that I bowed some times ago and help establish our network all over the world.

Today, 10 countries in the world are in solidarity of this network stands in our support, 90 others are looking toward us what we do and how we behave? If we behaved well and came together and remained together for some time to come .I will fulfil my obligation to take it as far as I could in the remaining world, I am committed to this task if my health and wealth permitted.It was my earnest wish to stand by you on this occasion on the same activities, my feeling and my emotions that I learned and done over the years for this organisation. Unfortunately, I beg your pardon of my inability to do so. I have requested two of my colleagues Mr. Gautam Chokervorthy Chairperson of our UK and International network also Mr. Mohan Gill committed man to the ideology of our ancestors working internationally non stop with our network for many years. I am hopeful that these two personalities of very high stature will not let you feel my absence. They are both very knowledgeable people of our network and are fully aware of our goals. I can only add both of them have done marvellous work in this field.I am with you morally as well as principally dreaming of the day when we reach our goal marching together and celebrate together, sooner rather than later. When I think of Baba Sahib Ambedkar his struggle and movement.It reminds me of 18th.,19th.20th. July of 1942 when he held a conference of all India depressed classes in Nagpur and managed to attract 75000 delegates out of that were 25000.women. When I ask myself were these resources or was it his sincere commitment to change the social system that enslaved us? platform where I stood six years ago and speak to you and share many

Sathio,I feel, all this He managed to do in the absent of much resources.In the absent of any recognised network home or international support for him.In the absent of very large educated class in support of him Above all in confrontation with sworn enemies of his movement.With this I want to remind all of you that may be we feel that we have covered some distance toward our goal, but have a look how far behind we are yet to catch up with Baba Sahib Ambedkar's Movement. Therefore let us not be complacent and should crease out our differences amicably and engage us to fulfil the task that is left uncompleted by Baba Sahib Ambedkar.BECAUSE!Today we have resources.We have some form of media to support our cause We have a network that with a press of a button we can channel our information nationally and internationally.We have an educated class thoroughly involved to analyse our problems as well as expose the deceit and treacheries of our enemy.We have Historian to rewrite the history that Brahmins have destroyed or infiltrated over the centuries.We have a class of foreigners siding with us supporting us to voice all kinds of injustices and atrocities committed against us Internationally.I feel the world have awaken to our problems but our owns are not. It is our duty to awaken them and organise them to strengthen our Krany. At the same time we shouldn't forget or overlook the people who laid down their lives in confrontation not to tolerate these on going injustices. We
must spare a thought about the contribution made by our Hon. Kanshi Ram Ji who like Baba Sahib left us untimely. Four dalits who lost their lives in Khairlanji near Nagpur Blood of Krantikaries fuel great movement and coming generations take pride in them. Let us do some this worthwhile home and abroad so that the coming generations feel pride in it and we can hold our head high.With this I send my best wishes for a successful and fruitful convention

Yours in solidarity
Mulkiat Singh Bahal



 M. S. Bahal

(Co ordinate Bamcef International Network)

For the last forty-fifty years the migration is taking place from India to Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and UAE. This provided us an opportunity to exercise our ability and talent to the fullest potential. This equal opportunity and equal space to exercise our potential, intellect as well as ability, we have risen to many commendable and recognized levels in very short span of time. This rise is not only in one field but also in various fields. Therefore today numerous professions that we have decided for our self-selves i.e. we have achieved some outstandingly educational, economical and also political elevation abroad. This raises a question- what about our social and religious status? Have we failed to address this issue or we deliberately ignored it?

I would like to address this issue on this Golden Jubilee

 of Acclamations of our Heritage.

 Today we have thousands of organizations working for the upliftment, betterments and empowerment of dalits (people) we have left back in India, but none of these organizations have any common objectives, i.e. what about out history, our literature, our heritage and above all our Identity. Some of these organizations are totally committed to political gains, some religious salvation, some economic empowerment and some educational betterment but still our social situation continuously is worsening day by day. Brahminical social system that governs our lives from birth to death is still intact in place and getting extremely, stronger and stronger day by day. This is the same social order that enslaved our ancestors for centuries and destroyed all norms and fabrics of any healthy civil society in India... Today this social system is denying us equality, equal opportunities and a proportional share in the land and wealth in our country. On the other hand we the victims of that social Brahminical order, Instead of conversing all our energy and resources to fight this enslaving system , are busy in fighting among ourselves in conflict with each other ignoring or sparing a thought for our real problems.

Question is why are we fighting among our self?
we the real enemy of each other?

In this respect I am writing this piece with my understandings, what I have learned from Literature of Babasahib Ambedkar as well as I have observed from our society up and down the country and abroad. I feel our foremost important problem today, is our Identity. Loss of our common Identity or having deliberately changed our identity by Brahmins, we have accepted thousands caste based identities without realizing the grave or brutalIndia? What were our identities, history and heritage? Were we Chuhras and Chamars - Doms and Mahar Mangs and Matang or these names are given to us by Aryans to divide us to make easy their enslavement of us? consequences, not only for us but also for our generation to come. This remains the theme of this todayís thought.  No doubt our problems are of multitudes and mammoth today still I find Identity remain the paramount issue. Therefore it is impossible, to understand our Identity without going through the historical sequences. What were we before the Aryans invaded (Today we have over 6000 castes in India). In the religious scriptures of Brahmins represents us as evil and filthy humans (worthy of hate and humiliation only) and for themselves as the holiest (the Chosen people of God, worthy of respect, worship and full of all privileges) Therefore In Indian society, people hate us humiliate us and commit atrocities against us without having any sense of guilt or crime? The philosophers have only intercepted the world, in various ways; the point however, is to change it

    Karl Marx

Our Real Identity.

As i understand today, our Identity starts with the Aryans invasion of India between four to five thousand years ago, they defeated us and enslaved us but couldnít prolong this enslavement because of our large numbers; therefore to establish this slavery for a long period, they invented an ideology known as Vern system.In Sanskrit Vern means colour i.e. means system based on the colors as Aryans were of fair colour skin and we the inhabitants of India were of darker colour skin. Aryans Brahmins nominated their fighters as Brahma a Godly figure that produced four different kinds of people not equals but gradedly unequal. Instead of saying that they divided people they used this godly figure.

Three Vernas i.e. Brahmins, Kashatrya and Vashysa, all are of the same race and have rights of some proportion, but the fourth Vern Sudhras have none means no rights at all. To impose and justify this ideology they wrote Vedas the mythology scriptures. Another step taken by Aryans to support this ideology they had destroyed our real history and Identity. In the Vedas the Brahmin gave themselves an Identity i.e. Devs as Aryans and to Sudhras another new Identity Rakshass, Danavas that is Devs and Danavs- Sur and Asur many more names like Rakshis, Dyanats, Dassa and Dasues.

 The world historian a Toynbee. Remarked, in a country like India where the power, wealth and opportunities are monopoly of a small community and scandalously over privileged, the social revolution must proceed over political revolution if we observe today Brahmins are only 3.5% of the whole population of India but have control over 90% of the recourses of the country.

In todayís reference

We see a Brahminical serial on the TV in which, they show- Devs and Danavs means Brahmins (Aryans) and Danavs Sudhras (The Natives) (OBCS) fight and in that serials Devs kill Danavs and our people donít feel sorry for that because they donít realize that Brahmins have given these names to our forefather whose Identity Brahmin changed to Danavs. Not only those we rather we feel happy and enjoy it. To further their regime, the figures of Devs are imperious and figures of Danavs are horrible, ugly and backward or Junglee. This has been only possible because we lost our true identity. This Identity for Obcs (Sudhras) not for Schedules Castes we must remember also, Scheduled Castes are Ati Sudhras means below Sudhras.  Babasahib Ambedkar remarked for us Ati Sudras. Now if Brahmins being honest and sincere brokers tell our people that 15% Aryans (Devs) defeated the 85% native inhabitants just imagine what will be the impact on our mind and what would be the consequences? Now if the Brahmins are not telling these facts to us then it is whose responsibility? I feel it is ours, we should tell our people about our Identity and History and Heritage.

 Mahavira and Buddha Tribal princes rebelled.

        When Aryans started promoting this ideology that all humans are born unequal and have different rights and privileges i.e. some have unlimited rights and others have none. Lord Buddha and Mahavira the Sudhra princes (Tribal) rebelled against this ideology of Aryans and condemned their Vedas -denounced their divine authority, freed us once again. Buddha not only succeeded in, completely demolishing citadel of this Brahminical mythological treachery and deceptions but also did that without any bloodshed. The new social order and religion was established by the name of Buddha and Mahavira. (Buddhism and Jainism) in India.  Taking benefits of this freedom and opportunity, our ancestors became Buddhists and Jains, our status arose high and we became rulers of our land. A Shudra King Chandergupt Muaryas established his own kingdom. His grandson Ashoka became an Emperor and established the mightiest empire that ruled all over India and the borders of his Empire extended from Afghanistan to Kenyan Kumari -From Persia to Burma. He embraced Buddhism and made it official religion of his empire.

This period is known as Buddhist period and India known as a Buddhist Nation. We can observe very clearly that our ancestral Identity and religion was Buddhism and Jainism.  Therefore, after the Aryans invasion having lost our history and Identity, the first religious Identity and national identity we had was Buddhists. In fact this period of Indian history was a golden period. We all should take pride in this that our ancestors were rulers of our land and promoter of our religion based on equality, liberty, fraternity and brotherhood � love and compassion not hate i.e. Buddhism. Therefore we need to discard these caste-based identities, rather than entertain these and maintaining and degrading us ourselves. The caste identities weaken us, socially divided us and made us vulnerable for abuse and mental torture. If one goes through the History of ancient India incident by incident it becomes clear that a great struggle took place between the Aryans and Anaryans. Babasahib Ambedkar the great Historian has given it a term -Revolution and counter-revolution in ancient India.

Here I find it is worth mentioning that soon we start promoting our caste identity we loose our native identity and get cut off or separated from our real history. We cannot identify ourselves with Lord Buddha or Samrat Asoka and feel proud, rather we fall into the trap of caste identity of Brahmins, as a result of that we start feeling inferior and accept Brahmin as superior and out troubles starts mounting. Brahmins find this tool of caste identity very effective and beneficial. Let us look at why the worldís great many thinkersí claims as follow.

     �A nation that feels no pride in the past in its history and literature looses its mainstay of     national character


  It is worth questioning here that if we were Buddhists people centuries ago then how we came to be known as Chuhras, Chamars and Mahars and Ghumars and who is responsible for these new identities? Unless we can identify our enemies and co together to fight, we cannot gang together and fight with them to put an end to our misery and degradation.

According to Dr.Ambedkar the last king of Murya dynasty was king Brihadratha who was assassinated by his Brahmin Army commander (Senapatti) named Pushyamitra Sung in around 185 B.C and declared himself the new king. At the same time the Manusmriti was written. Manusmriti was written with a precise objective in mind to control us and enslave us. Having realized why the revolution of Buddha why and how could it succeeds against the Brahmins? To avert any future insurgent or rebel it was necessary for Brahmins to rewrite new literature. The Aryans evaluate five reasons that enabled Buddha to rebel against the Vedic- religion of Brahmins and managed to destroy it. Incidentally it is further worth mentioning that this Brahmin Senapatti Pushymitra Sung is Ram in disguise and that is why Brahmins even today has turned to him to establish their supremacy again and are slaughtering thousands of Indigenous Indians to establish the rule of Manusmriti and defy the constitution of India.

Reasons Brahmins Realised for their defeat.

(a) The immorality that exited in the Aryans i.e. drinking Somras (liquor), eating beef and cohabiting with   many women.(b) 85% of Sudhras Group of Indigenous inhabitants of Indian had one identity; therefore it was easy to unite them under one banner.(c)They were able to take up arms to defend themselves.(D) Doors of education were still open to them that enable Ati- Sudhra like Sunit a sweeper community to become an Arahit.  A Venerable position in Buddhism.    (e) Brahmins had highest position but still couldnít become kings

Having taken all these factures in consideration Manusmriti was designed as follow;

(1)Manusmriti gave special right to Brahmins i.e. that whenever the religion (Brahmanism) is in problem, Brahmins can use their unique right and take over rights others in their hand,(2)Right to education was only assigned to Brahmins only (3)Sudhras group deprived of education Restricted Sudhras to take up arms(4)To improve the morality of Brahmins Manusmriti restricted not eat beef and drink samaras Marry, only one woman, therefore they develop Devdasies system to fulfill their desire for many women.(5) Sudhras were denied to hold property and to accumulate wealth. (6) Manusmriti replaced the Chaturvarnya and introduced castism and split the Shudra group of one Identity Into many caste identities so that not a single caste remains equal or bigger group than the Brahmins Brahmins themselves remain as one caste and one group. Today there is no single caste as large as Brahmins in India(7) When religion is in danger they (Brahmins) can take over all rights and all deeds to defend the religion. (Incident of beheading Sambuka Rishi and cutting of Eklabhya�s thumb and killing of Bradhiratha fall in same category in the Aryans religious Shastras and justified. Killing of Brihadratha and writing of Manusmriti were not mere coincident. Ambedkar called it conspiracy and treachery on the part of the Brahmins and underlined this the darkest period in the history of India. Because we got split into many groups and also Buddhism got into reversal or retreat. The Brahmanism became victorious again. Where Savarkar the founder of  Hindutva remarked that this was a revolutionary and the golden period, because Brahmins came back to the ruling classes again.

 Shudras got divided in to three recognized groups.

(1) One group who compromise with the Aryans and accepted their terms and conditions to serve them and accepted their religion instead of fighting for the land or property, for their religion for, their women folks were given some concessions that they can live in the territory of Aryans. They can also have darsahan of their gods but cannot perform puja. (Todayís OBC)  (2) Second group was who did not accepted Aryans terms and conditions, will not put up a fight to regain their losses and retreated to jungle the remote area, so remote that they would not cut the jungle to make it accessible to the Aryans. Today we know this group as Adivasis (indigenous people). You should know that in the Bastevesan (tribal Area) in Madhyapredash a scripture was found in the house of a tribal man which the historians and anthropologists said the prevedic language. Today they are known as Scheduled Tribes (ST.) (3) Third group was the people who put up a great fight and got defeated and were enslaved. Even today they keep on fighting. They lost their land, property, their wealth and also their dignity. They were left with no means to survive and were forced to take up menial jobs. They were pushed out of the territory of the Aryans where they have to eat dead animals flesh to survive. Heaviest and barbaric restrictions were imposed on this group. As tyrant as they have to ring a bell when they approach the dwellings of Aryans. To identify them an earthen pot has to be hung by their neck and broom tied to their bottoms to remove their footsteps. So much hatred and humiliations were inflicted on us that we became known as untouchables unapproachable, unseeables and unassociatable that is how Dr.Ambedkar described us in his struggle for our liberation. Today we are known as Scheduled castes (SC) Dr Ambedkar named these three groups as right less people, whose struggle against Brahmins did take place in many forms after Buddha and his decline the struggle continued many centuries. Then came Mogul and Brahmins supported them as long as their hierarchy and superiority remains intact. Many people out of these groups became Muslims to escape the evil system setup by Brahmins. Then came Sikhism, which was also the revolt of these groups against Mogul as well as Brahmins led by many saints and then fought by Guru Gobind Singh and Chatter Patti Siva Ji many of these people became Sikhs to escape the pains of castism. Truth is that Brahmins sabotaged Guru Gobind Singhís movement and establishment of Chatter Patti Siva ji as a Countered the revolution. Then came English with them came Christianity and many of these people became Christians again to escape the evils of castism. One thing is very clear from all these historical episodes that these peoples embraced many religions, but Brahmanism to escape the evilness in it. All these converted minorities are also people of the same group as described by not only by Dr. Ambedkar but also by Jawaharlal Nehru in his book � Discovery of India where he claimed that 90% of the converted minorities are from todayís SC. ST. and OBC.

So far we can observe that we are not part of the Brahminical systems even though over the centuries our identity has been destroyed and lost. Now we have to find out how be are drawn to these new identities. History reveals to us that you cannot kill the spirit of rebellions without destroying their true identities. Millions of Jews died to keep their Identity; many struggles took place in Europe for identity. American subcontinent northís as well as south were over powered after the destruction of the aborigines of America and their identity and history. It goes for Australia and New Zealand as well as Africa.

 Dr. Ambedkar led a struggle that was launched by Mahatma Joityba Phuley in 1848 not only for our human rights or for some reservations, but wanted us to know our past, history identity and heritage. . Who are we the Sudhras? And untouchables and who were they and Why they became untouchables?  These Granths have lots of references > Phuley-Ambedkar wanted to know our past glory and educate us to what happened to us in the history of India. Our forefathers drawn a strategy and methodology that how we the once a single (one) group can come together and regain their glorious past?     

 Therefore without going into much of his life long struggle for out liberation, I can conclude that we are the Mulnivasi of India in the Terminology of Bamcef and that should be out one common Identity today that could unite us.. We have to group together under this common identity. How we can achieve this remain to be discussed and resolved, but keeping our caste identities paramount, our goal remains unfulfilled to defeat Brahmanism and castism. I find the caste remained a distant dream and great insult to the struggle and sacrifices made by our ancestors. We can destroy caste and survive ourselves or save caste and get destroyed and remain enslaved, choice is ours.

 Therefore, before jumping on the bandwagon we must assess the pros and cons of these caste identities. I feel the time has come our people will give up their egoistic charms and selfish motive and come together for a larger objective that is our Liberation from this social system and concentrate and fight to paralyze the caste discrimination which is a racial discrimination. This discrimination robbed our generation after generations year after years. Let us unite and fight to bury Brahmanism and caste Identity forever.

 If we call ourselves Mulnivasi (the natives of India) as Bamcef is preaching and promoting though out India and now abroad as well we will join with our roots, our heritage and history. This will remove all inferiority complexes that Brahmins penetrate in our mind and make us incompetence and unconfident. We could start taking pride in our past, our History and Identity. We can also expose Aryans of their treachery, conspiracy and their deceptive behavior with rest of the Indian society. With this new identity we can unite and fight for all our problems.

Deceit of Hinduism

 Today, Brahmins are giving us another Identity that is Hindu. If the moguls gave this name to defeated and enslaved Indian then why Brahmins are giving us this name today? Because they still treat us inferiors and their slaves. Baba sahib Ambedkar had to go through a hell of problem with his Identity and identity of his people to prove that we are not Hindus. I for one was born in a family whose name, culture, religion caste and place in society was determined by Brahmins, My illiterate and poor parents tolerated lots of insult and humiliation because they were not able to understand the deceit of Brahmins. Lack of education forced them to accept the unacceptable and unimaginable miseries through out their life but never called or knew that they were Hindus. By calling us Hindus Brahmins are not propagating the remorse of injustices they have perpetuated against us for centuries and want to treat us from now on the basis of equality, liberty and fraternity for all. Rather try to bluff us and keep us under his control and deny us all needs that can inspire us to develop stronger. Therefore Babasahib conversion that I call reclamation to our History, Identity and Heritage was the best thing that could ever happen to us. If this knowledge could have come to our ancestors any earlier things would have been completely different today.

Our literarily scholars are writing books on this issue of Hindu why, I am not A Hindus? In other words it, means why they are not slaves. The only reasons Brahmins are are trying to establish this new Identity of Hindu because they realize that in Democracy the majority rules and by calling and attracting us by hiding behind this Identity Brahmin seek control of power. I assure you that if Brahmins goes to people in election with their caste identity of Brahmin, they will not win a single seat in any state of India, but soon they use this Hindu identity and deceive us, they become rulers. We must understand these phenomena of Hindu identity and its impact and consequences. Let us expose the fact of Brahminical conspiracies and deceitful behavior that 3.5% Brahmins cannot and must not succeed in bluffing us any more and keep the political, social, economical and religious power in their hands.

I end this with the call of our Messiah Babasahib Ambedkar

 Go, and write on the walls of your houses that we were the Dassa (Slaves) of Yesterday but, want to be the rulers of tomorrow.

I can tolerate poverty but not illiteracy. Literate society is not poor; contrary the society which is illiterate is surely poor.

Educate Organize Agitate

 In this respect Babasahib Ambedkar embraced Buddhism or reclaimed our lost religion, Identity and hesitate He warned us very clearly by saying.

� Ours is a battle not for wealth and power it is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for reclamation of our human dignity and personality that have been mutilated by the Brahminical social order


Even talking on Democracy and education he warned


To give education to those who want to keep up the caste system, is not to improve the prospect of democracy in India but to put our democracy in India in greater jeopardy. If democracy dies in India it will be our doomed.


 I hope by now, we should be very clear on the issue of Identity, history and heritage. By remaining in Hinduism we can never save the democracy we can never bring equality and fraternity in India. Therefore, on this golden jubilee accession of our reclamation of real identity, let us shed our diverging, conflicting and degrading caste Identity and converse into Buddhism and emerge as one strong ruling race once again. This is the best and most appropriate gift we can confer on our ancestors.


 Sangat at Shri Guru Ravi Dass Temple, Vecenza (Italy)

Homage to Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

(International coordinator Bamcef network


Jai Mulnivasi!  Jai Bharat!  Jai Gurudev! 

It gives me great pleasure to announce the Meeting that took place in Shri Guru Ravi Dass Temple Vecenza Italy. It was arranged on December 10, 2006 by Shri Guru Ravi Dass Sabha. This meeting was arranged to pay homage to Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar our emancipator the great crusader and eminent statesman of the century on his 50th.Maha Parinivana Divas.

I am also very greatful and thoughtful for all the members of Shri Guru Ravi Dass Temple Vecenza Italy for organizing such occasions to educate our people and future generations about our history, Identity and heritage.

This meeting was also to pay a due respect to Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji on his sudden decease on 9th.Oct 2006 along with the 4 victims of a dalit family in Khairlanji near Nagpur in Maharashtra. Conducing this meeting Mr. Jasvir Kumar Secretary General of the Sabha gave a call for two minutes silence standing.

A youth Bir Bal paid a very sober tribute followed by Rekash Kumar General Secretary of Bharat Rattan Dr. Baba Sahib B. R. Ambedkar enlisting a catalogue of Baba Sahib's contribution for Indian where once the evil customs like sati was widely practiced.

Mrs. Satya Bahal also told the gathering that in the history of India Baba Sahib Ambedkar is the only man who has done so much for Indian Women. She also reminded that where we pay tribute to our great Forefathers at the same time we should not overlook the contributions made by Savitri Phule and Ramamai Ambedkar.

Concluding the meeting I have to remind people that all the happiness in India and abroad is direct result of the sacrifices made by our Mahanpurshes. It should be fully understood that our forefathers and generations before us also wanted to lead a life of happiness and comforts but the social system put in place by Brahmins didnít allow them. Still they raised their voice against it according to their ability and capacity and laid their life's for our freedom and prosperity. All the rights that are needed for a human developments and advancement they sought for us.

Today we want to enjoy the rights but don't want to make any sacrifice to protect this fort the future generation as a result many of our rights are disappearing fast, forcing our people back home to starve and become slaves of the same regime, once our previous generations were engaged.

Baba Sahib warned us time to time about the deceptions and conspiracies Brahmins will do and how to stand against them and be victorious. We didnít follow the path shown by our savior and became careless and lethargic.

This being a golden Jubilee year of Baba Sahib Embracing Buddhism, I was with many NRIS at Dikhsha Bhumi in Nagpur were I saw a revolution shaping us. The People conversing in Nagpur in their millions are ignoring their discomforts and disabilities. They come to Nagpur to assess their growth and volume to launch the last and effective onslaughts on Brahmins. These massacres near Nagpur are the consequences of that uprising.

Let us not think this is going to be the last one, there has been many before and many more to come. Let us not be afraid of these sacrifices. We the NRIS can speed up our movement of liberation and equality in India by standing in support of those who are confronting this mammoth and mountainerous task.Our forefathers fought when they didnít have any network not a class of educated people and recourses to fuel this liberation movement today we are resourceful, we have education and the required network to come together ,all we lack is the commitments and sincerity toward that. Think of all those who are getting beaten and shut behind bars and their families and children may not have the faineance to fight the regime and bias police and judiciary. Little help from us can give them justice and hope that we care for them and stand by them.

I hope the best and most befitting homage we can pay to our forefathers is to join hands with these revolutionaries and help them make a last and effective push to get rid of this enslaving social system not for us only but for generations to come. This is my message to all of you who have migrated to Italy to be part and parcel of this urgently needed support.Weather this is intellectual; financial or even moral.Let me remind you the words of Baba Sahib," The battle to me is a matter full of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or sordid in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is a battle for Freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of human personality which has been suppressed and mutilated by the Hindu social system and will continue to be suppressed and mutilated, if in the political struggle the Hindus win and we lose. My final words of advice to you is, EDUCATE, AGITATE and ORGANISE have faith in yourselves and never lose hope."

With this I pay my humble tribute to all those who fought for my rights and are continuing fighting today. Be clear that self respect donít come without a price. Our forefathers paid the price and we are enjoying the benefits, let us pay a little price so that our future generation continue to enjoy these benefits.

You are in the steps of our forefathers