This website is dedicated to our great savior Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangu Ram Mugowalia, our great freedom fighter & the founder of Ad Dharm
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Ambedkar Times & Desh Doaba's NEW PHONE NUMBER 916-947-8920 congratulates the Sri Guru Ravidass Sabhas and entire Sangat on 640th THE BIRTH ANNIVERSARY celebrations OF SAHIB SHRI SATGURU RAVIDASS JI MAHARAJ.

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Dear friends,
1.    Sarnang –A musical of portrayal of Dr B.R. Ambedkar-Monday 24 April 2017, Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF  
2.    Dr Ambedkar-Life and Works- Wednesday 26 April 2017, 5.00-6.30pm-8.30pm Committee Room 3, House of Lords, Westminster, London
To mark Dr Ambedkar’s 126 birth anniversary, the Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations UK (FABO UK) has organized the above two events in association with the Nehru Centre  and Lord Harries of Pentregarth respectively. We would like to invite you to attend the above events.
Singer, lyricist Rajesh Dhabre and his wife Dr. Bhavana to mark Dr Ambedkar’s 126 birth anniversary will depict the life and works of Dr Ambedkar through their musical compositions.  Rajesh has written and composed four albums since 2010 released by HMV, Saregama, Zee Music and LM Music. These albums have featured well known singers including Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Sonu Nigam and Pankaj Udhas, Shan, Shrya Ghosal and many more.  
The event is free and you can book your place on the following link or alternatively by contacting us.
We have been organizing seminars/talks on Dr Ambedkar at the House of Lords for a number of years. Very many dignitaries from both of the Houses of the UK Parliament, Ambedkarite activists from around the world, and academics, have participated in our events and spoken on Dr Ambedkar as a maker of modern India through his Constitution. They have also recognized him as a leading global figure on equality and human rights, the civil rights movement, and an outstanding economist. Mr Rob Marris MP, Baroness Flather, Lord Alton, Dr Alpa Shah, London School of Economics have already agreed to attend and speak.  
Places are limited and strictly controlled because of security reason. We would be delighted if you are able to attend.  It would be helpful if you let us know by the end of this month that you are available for this event so that the arrangements for your invitations are made in time.
Please circulate this information to your contacts.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.
With best wishes,
Arun Kumar,
General Secretary, FABO UK Mob: 07909 828750
C. Gautam: Joint Secretary, FABO UK Mob: 07956 918053,
Ms Santosh Dass MBE, President, FABO UK Mob:  07902806342
President, FABO UK Mob:  07902806342

Posted at on April 4, 2017

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This site has been dedicated to Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangu Ram Muggowalia, Gadharite and founder of Ad Dharm Movement in Punjab. The sole aim of this site is to highlight the plight of the Mulnivasis (Inhabitants) of India who have not only been deprived of their due share in the wealth of their own country, but had also been subjected to untold miseries over centuries. Atrocities against them are still rampant in almost all the parts of the country. Hardly a day passes when there is no news about the social boycott or physical repression of all sorts on them. is duty bound to highlight all such incidents as well as to seek and articulate some solid perspective for the amelioration of this age-old problem old social exclusion and blatant violation of the basic human rights of the Dalit brethren.

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This website is dedicated to our great savior Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia, our great freedom fighter & the founder of Ad Dharm Movement in punjab
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