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Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor)

www.ambedkartimes.com & www.ambedkartimes.org

Ad Dharm movement in Punjab is the pioneer Dalit movement of North India. Founded by Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia, this movement made public its ideology and plan-of-action for the empowerment of the downtrodden on June 11-12, 1926, at its first mammoth conference at village Mugowal of District Hoshiarpur ( Punjab). It laid stress on distinct Dalit identity independent of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. To achieve that the Ad Dharm movement aimed at relocating the indigenous religion of Dalits and to get it registered as their official religion in the state. In no time this historic movement became a Dalit mass struggle for their separate Dalit identity (for a detailed analysis see: Mark Juergensmeyer. 1988. Religious Rebels in the Punjab; and Ronki Ram. 2004. Untouchability, Dalit Consciousness, and the Ad Dharm Movement in Punjab", Contributions to Indian Sociology, Vol. 38, No. 3, September-December 2004).

With the active supports of the all sections of the community, the Ad Dharm movement succeeded in getting Ad Dharm religion registered for the Census in 1931. At that time about five lakhs members of the community got them recorded as Ad Dharmi. It was perhaps for the first time in the neglected/unrecorded history of the Dalits in India that Scheduled Castes in Punjab declared themselves as belonging to an indigenous non-Aryan religion totally different from that of all the mainstream religions of the region. Not only that, the movement even contested the first provincial election of 1937 and returned the community candidates from 7 out of 8 reserved constituencies in Punjab. That was also the first great success of the Dalits in Punjab towards their march to gain political power: the proverbial Master Key.
This is in fact what the Dalits of Punjab should have continued with if they were willing to come into power on their own in the state where they are in largest numbers in comparison to rest of the entire country. Sahib Kanshi Ram did his level best to pick up the thread from where Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia had left. But that bore fruits in UP and Punjab is yet to replicate the same. Doing that would be a true tribute to Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia and Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji and to the Historic Ad Dharm movement in Punjab.

On these two special historic days, 11th & 12th of June, 2008, we proudly announce & launch a new website www.ambedkartimes.org in Panjabi, dedicated to the great leader in the world, Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. We congratulate to all on June 11 th-12 th, AD-Dharm Mandal Punjab’s 83 rd foundation day.

Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com (June 11, 2008)



Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor)

Babu Kanshi Ram, the messiah of the downtrodden and an organic scholar, was born on 15 March 1934 in a Dalit family of Ramdassia community in Khawas Pur village of Ropar district in Punjab . He did his B.Sc in 1955-56 from Panjab University . And thereafter he joined the research cell of Kirki's Explosive Research and Development Laboratory (ERDL) at Pune in 1957. It was at this very place where he encountered a crucial situation when a fellow Scheduled Caste employee (Deena Bhan) was suspended by the management of the organisation for protesting against the discriminatory polices of the ERDL. Deena Bhan was raising his voice against the cancellation of holidays for Dr. Ambedkar and Lord Buddha Jayantis and being replaced with the Hindu festivals. When asked by his fellow colleagues what should be done now, Deena Bhan showed an exemplary courage by saying that the Job is my constitutional right and the Brahminical management could not deter me to oppose the sick Hindu system of caste and that was what Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar had taught us. This bold stand by a Dalit fourth class employee had touched the inner core of Babu Kanshi Ram Ji who immediately extended full support to Mr. Bhan and filed a case against the termination of his suspension. Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji paid initially Rs. 500/ for the legal case charges to the advocate. As a result, Bhan's suspension was annulled and holidays for the Jayantis of Lord Buddha and Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar were restored. This particular event changed the course of the subsequent life of Babu Kanshi Ram. He left his lucrative job and jumped into politics for the rest of his life for the cause of the community. His involvement was so intense that he decided to remain bachelor and also not to return home. He also wrote to his mother, Mata Bishan Kaur Ji, about his decision that he dedicated his entire life for the emancipation and empowerment of the downtrodden.    

On 14 April 1965 Babu Kanshi Ram took the oath that “I will complete the unfinished mission of Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. I will look after the welfare of my Samaj. I will spend each and every moment of my life for the cause of the Samaj". After that Baba Sahib never went to the office of ERDL. From 1965 to 1971 he meticulously spread the mission and message of Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar among the Dalits. In 1978 he launched his first organisation: All India Backward (SC, ST, OBC) and Minority Communities' Employees' Federation, popularly known as BAMCEF. Three years later, Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji founded another organisation: DS-4 (Dalit Shoshit Samaj Sangharsh Samiti). And on 14 April 1984 , Babu Ji announced the formation of the Bahujan Samaj Party. In 1996 Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji elected to the Lok Sabha from the Hoshiarpur constituency, from where 50 years ago Great Ghadri Baba Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia founder of the Ad Dharm Movement had been returned to the Punjab assembly in 1946. Interestingly, it was at Hoshiarpur, the stronghold of Ad Dharm, that the BSP celebrated the 75th year of the Ad Dharm movement on 18 February 2001 . On this occasion Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji exhorted the Bahujan Samaj to follow the principles of the Ad Dharm movement of which the BSP has now become the torch-bearer.   Km. Mayawati (Bahan Ji) took the struggle to great heights by repeatedly forming government in the heartland of Chaturvarna system. For her the next target is Delhi : the highest seat of political power in the country. Punjab , the birth place of Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji, which has been housing the largest (29 percent) proportion of Scheduled Castes in comparison to rest of the country must learn lesson from the UP experiment. This would be a true tribute to Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji.

Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com ( March 15, 2008 )




Prem Kumar Chumber

(Editor: www.ambedkartimes.com)

Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj, whose 631st birth anniversary is being celebrated throughout the world, was a great saint/Guru of medieval Bhakti movement of North India. He belonged to the lowest of the low castes in India whose touch used to be considered polluting to the Savarnas. He opened a frontal attack against the system of Untouchability. He rejected the tradition of Brahmin mediator to reach the Supreme Being. He also said that one need not to hide his caste or leave his low profession to reach God. He became a model for his fellow beings to overcome the hierarchical barriers of Brahminical Social Order and to establish Begumpura - a state without fear and sorrows. Guru Ravidass elevated the status of the labour by emphasizing on the fact that honest labour is empowering. He completely rejected the concept of living on charity or miraculous wealth obtained by Paras.

      By defeating the famous Kashi Pundits in a formally organized Shastrartha, Guru Ravidass proved that merit is not the fiefdom of so called upper castes alone. Every body is capable of worshipping Him. The fourfold division of Hindu society is a big lie and a trick to make and keep a large section of the Indian society under the cruelty and control of the few in the name of purity-pollution principle made by the so-called Brahmins. It is against this very system of religiously sanctified social differentiation that Guru Ravidass envisioned establishing a state where there would be no place for untouchability and social oppression.

      For the social transformation of the society, Guru Ravidass laid emphasis on labour, compassion, virtue, prohibition of alcohol and all bad deeds. He also reiterated on the urgent need of remembering the formless God whom he addressed by varied names. Some scholars are of the view that Guru Ravidass did not form an organization nor he launched any consistent and systematic agitation against the system of untouchability. This is true. But to raise a loud voice at his times was no less than a clarion call to dismantle the unjust system of Brahminical social order. It is also true that the path told by him has become the beacon light for the Dalit movement in the country and abroad.

Posted onwww.ambedkartimes.com ( February 20, 2008 )
Clarifications on some of the
crucial aspects of Dalit struggle

Prem Kumar Chumber (Editor)

Educate, Agitate and Organise

Educate, Organise and Agitate is the most misquoted slogan of Baba Sahib Dr Ambedkar. Its true version is: Educate Agitate and Organise. Baba Sahib uttered these precious words at the end of his historic speech delivered at the All-India Depressed Classes Conference (July 18-19, 1942 at Nagpur), convened to create an All-India organization with distinct aims and purposes in co-operation with all the inter-provincial forces. It was at this very conference that a declaration was made about the formation of the All-India Scheduled Castes Federation. Below are given the exact words of the concluding part of this historic speech of Baba Sahib, as cited in his ‘fascinating biography’ authored by Dhananjay Keer:

“My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side, I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle, not for wealth or for power. It is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of human personality” (Bombay: Popular Prakashan, 3rd ed. 1971, p: 351, emphasis added).

Baba Sahib’ struggle for the uplift of the socially excluded was precisely spiritual in the sense that it intends to restore their lost dignity and make them equal with all the other sections of the rest of the society. For that the method he chooses was democratic-constitutional. Being educated in the oldest democracies in the world, Dr. Ambedkar imbibed the true spirit of democracy and constitutionalism. He wanted his fellow –beings and his countrymen to follow democratic ways for the peaceful resolution of all one problems including the most fatal one – the Untouchability.

In his democratic scheme of conflict resolution, education figures at the very beginning of the social struggle. Hence “educate” comes first in his three stepped slogan of educate, agitate and organise. By education Baba Sahib did not mean merely certificates and degrees. For him to educate means to become aware of ones real life conditions; to be conscious of ones surroundings; to raise objection to the inhuman existence in the society; and to ask for change for the better. “Tell the slaves he is a slave and he will revolt”, that is the real meaning of education.

It is such education that will stir agitation within, leading to what Baba Sahib called “agitate”. To “agitate” does not mean to organise guerrilla warfare, to do murda bad – murda bab. On the contrary, it means to become aware about ones social conditions and to seek viable steps for the eradications of the causes of the problems. Baba Sahib told us that only real and true education could only make us to “agitate”.

And it is this agitation, which is within, that would ultimately help us to “organize”. The true example of which is Baba Sahib himself, who after obtaining critical and rational sense through his education felt toofan within and consequently organised three political parties (Independent Labour Party, Scheduled Caste Federation and Republican Party of India) to secure Dalit human rights.

Thus the real sequence of the slogan is:
Educate, Agitate and Organise.

Mr. Manjit Singh Chumber, Account Officer, and Jalandhar (E-mail: aojalandhar@yahoo.com ) said that:
I am very glad to see your site http://www.ambedkartimes.com. All sufficient knowledge of Ad-Dharmis gained and very well up to date information, massage and news available on site. There are some problems raised while we filling up the name of "Religion" in performa. We the people of Ad-Dharmis are not well versed about our religion. Some one writing Hindu and some writing Sikh. Our people neither come in Hindu nor in Sikh religion. You are requested to advise and suggest about our religion so that new coming generations may be able to know there Religion. Thanks.

Mr. Manjit Singh Chumber Ji your question is very important and interesting not for you only but for all Ad Dharmis & others. In 1931 Ad Dharm was declared an independent religion of the Dalits (original inhabitants of the region) Punjab, which somehow being forgotten in Independent India. According to the Punjab Census Report of 1931:

"The most notable feature of the present census from the stand-point of return of religion has been the adoption of the term Ad Dharmi by numerous Chamars and Shudras and other Untouchables. A new instruction to the religion was given this year, namely, Persons returning themselves as Ad Dharmis should be recorded as such".

"The Punjab Ad Dharm Mandal had petitioned the Punjab Government before census operations started in 1930, representing that the Depressed Classes should be permitted to return Ad Dharm as their religion at the time of the census, as they were the aborigines of India and while the Hindus kept them at a respectable distance, they did not believe in the Hindu religion".

(Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings& Speeches, Vol.17, Part-1 (p. 247-49) 2003)

Mr. Santokh Singh (Email: - santokhsamsingh@yahoo.com ) said that:
First of all thank to you and your complete team for doing great job for our community.
Are you able to help me to find the answer for two questions?

1. Why Dr. Ambedkar married to upper caste girl..?
2. Based on what we can say that Guru Ravidas Jee was Guru?

Can you tell me any book or any other material so that I can read it for the answer? I am not pointing any finger but I am looking for the answer, please help. Thanks.

Mr. Santokh Singh Ji your both questions are very important and interesting not for you only but for all specially Ad Dharmis/Ambedkarites/Buddhist & others

Answer no. (1): Bharat Ratan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was a great liberal, educationist and a rationalist social thinker. He devoted his entire life for the cause of the annihilation of caste in India. He was dead against the social hierarchies of any sort. Caste for him is based on Brahmanism. Brahmanism is an ideology, not a person - male or female. He had many friends who were Brahmans. His first political party "Independent Labour Party" (ILP) and the last one "Republican Party of India" (RPI) are the clear manifestation of his inclusive and transparent approach towards the understanding of caste question and its annihilation.

He did not dislike an upper caste simply because he or she is a Brahmin or other so-called upper castes. To do that would be amount to becoming an agency of Brahmanism. Dr. Ambedkar was tooth and nail opposed to that. He married second time, after the demise of his first wife, a woman who cared him the most. For him she was simply a person not a caste. Let it be clear that Dr. Ambedkar married a woman, not an upper caste!

Answer no. (2): Shri Guru Ravidass Ji is a Guru for the Dalits. He is a Guru in the sense that he did not bow before the tormentor of his time, nor he accepted the offer of Brahmins to consider him of their own. He remained true to his caste and faith. He did not abandon his hereditary caste occupation of making and mending shoes. Rather he declared loudly in his Bani that he is a Chamar on whom the God has bestowed unlimited grace and placed him above the Biphar pradhan. In this way he elevated his so-called low profession and established the dignity of labour. He emphasised on earned living rather than on begging or living on alms like the Brahmins. He refused to become rich overnight by turning iron into gold as suggested by some legendry holy man who gave him the proverbial Paras.

It is in this way that Guru Ravidass became the progenitor of Dalit liberation in India to whom the Ex-Untouchables come to consider their Guru whose holy Bani also found place of due respect in the holy text of the Sikh faith (Sri Guru Granth Sahib).

Posted at www.ambedkartimes.com on December 27, 2007

On 51st Maha-Parinirvana of
Baba Sahib
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
<ambedkartimes.com> remember Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (April 14, 1891-December 6, 1956) messiah of downtrodden and a symbol of revolt against all the oppressive features of Hindu society on his 51st maha-parinirvan on December 6, 2007. His was a multi-faceted personality. He was an untiring fighter for the rights of Dalits, an educationist par excellence, a world-renowned economist, political philosopher, rationalist and above all a great humanist.

He was born on April 14, 1891 in the Military Headquarters of War (Mhow) in central India. After passing his matriculation he attended Elfinstone College, Bombay, after which he joined Columbia University, USA from where he received his PhD in Economics. From London School of Economics and Political Science he received D.Sc.in Economics and was called to the Bar from Gray’s Inn.

To improve the economic conditions of the downtrodden and to spread education among them, Baba Sahib founded (1923) 'Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha'. He gave the slogan: "Educate-Agitate-Organise" and launched the social movement for the annihilation of caste and reconstruction of caste-less Indian Society. On April 3, 1927, Dr. Ambedkar launched "Bahishkrit Bharat", a Marathi paper on April 3, 1927 to communicate his views and to respond to his critics. He told his people to fight for their social and political rights. He emphasised, "Lost rights are never regained by begging, and by appeals to the conscience of the usurpers, but by the relentless struggle - goats are used for sacrificial offerings and not the lions". In December 1930, a weekly "Janata" was launched in place of "Bahishkrit Bharat" which continued till 1956. It was later on changed in to "Prabuddh Bharat".

To win the rights of his people Baba Sahib adopted democratic-constitutional method. He was a great liberal crusader. He launched the peaceful struggle in 1927, at Mahad (Maharashtra) to have access to the public Chawdar Lake. In 1930, he started the famous temple entry movement of the Untouchables. He took his tirade against Untouchability to the Round Table Conferences (1930-32. He succeeded in his mission; however, he had to take a compassionate stand in order to save Gandhi's life by signing the Pune Pact.

After the failure of the temple entry movement and the Puna Pact, Baba Sahib soon realised that while living within Hinduism, the goal of Dalit emancipation seemed to be impossible. Hinduism is beyond reforms from within. He told his people to stop struggling for entering the temple, like they were going to get an equal status like other Hindus. He asked them to leave Hinduism and join some other religion. On 13 October 1935, at the historic Yeola Conference Baba Sahib Said, “I was born as a Hindu but will not die as a Hindu”.

After the Yeola declaration, Baba Sahib chalked out a new strategy to fight for the cause of the downtrodden. In 1936 he founded the Independent Labour Party. In the election of 1937 provincial councils, ILP captured thirteen out of fifteen seats and also captured two general seats. In 1942, Dr. Ambedkar founded the Scheduled Caste Federation to be followed by Republican Party of India.

Baba Sahib, the architect of the Constitution of Independent India, embraced Buddhism as a step towards the creation of an egalitarian society based on the principles of equality, liberty and fraternity. He continued his struggle for social democracy in India until 6 December 1956, the day he achieved Maha-parinirvan.

      Jai Bheem!
Posted on www.ambedkartimes.com (December 06, 2007)

BORN MARCH 15, 1934 – DEATH OCTOBER 09, 2006


On the first death anniversary [9 October 2007] of Manyawar Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji, <ambedkartimes.com> pays its glowing tribute to the Messiah of Dalits, Downtrodden and Backwards for dedicating his whole life in order to help them stand on their feet with dignity, self-respect and courage.

In 1978 he launched his first organization BAMCEF to consolidate the SC, ST, and OBC government employees and to establish Dalit hegemony over the Bahujan Samaj. In 1982 he constituted DS-4 which enjoyed greater presence in the villages of the country. In 1984, Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji formed the BSP to provide a clear shape to his project odd Dalit emancipation and empowerment.

Km. Mayawati, his lieutenant is now in the forefront of that great project and has been discharging her duties in order to convert the project into a living reality.

Editor, ambedkartimes.com

Posted on October 09
, 2007

Ambedkartimes.com and the so-called Upper Castes

Dear Readers,

Ambedkartimes.com received an e-mail seeking its opinion on the question of whether this World's fastest expanding web-site entertains reports, articles and essays written by scholars belonging to Non-Dalit or Upper Caste categories?

Let me (the editor of this site), clarify at the outset that <www.ambedkartimes.com> firmly believes in the philosophy and teachings of Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and aims at in its modest way to keep the caravan going on. Baba Sahib had very clearly said that Brahmanism is a state of mind and an ideology rooted in Hindu Shastras. Brahmanism is not a person. A particular person who belongs to an Upper Caste but does not believe in the muck of the Hindu Shastras and is critical of its chaturvarna theory can not be tied with Brahmanism simply by virtue of the fact that he is born Upper Caste. Such thinking totally negates the very radical philosophy of Baba Sahib Dr Ambedkar who clearly condemned any kind of discrimination based on birth/caste.

After the episode of Jat-Pat Todak Mandal of Lahore in 1936, Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar decided that henceforth he would not go to any Caste Hindu organization but will welcome any one from the Upper Castes if he or she believes in Annihilation of the Caste system and agree with his philosophy of emancipation and empowerment of the Dalits.

Thus, ambedkartimes.com is of the firm view that if any one, whosoever she/he may be, tries to distort the path of Baba Sahib' struggle and creates a wedge between the Dalits and the Dalit-sympatric scholars (who irrespective of their caste repose faith in the Philosophy and teachings of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar) is an enemy of the Dalits and the cause of the community.

<www.ambedkartimes.com> encourage and welcome scholars of Dalits as well as non-Dalit background to contribute their valuable writings that will enlighten the cause of the Dalits and further the on-going struggle both in India and elsewhere.

Further <www.ambedkartimes.com> does not discriminate simply on the basis of birth, rather it is duty bound to make all efforts for the elimination of this disastrous practice of Brahminical ideology that has made the life of Dalits a hell for centuries all together.

It also caution that we too should not fall victim to such nefarious designs of the Brahminical ideology and warns to be at guards so that Brahmanism should not enter the rank and files of the Ambedkarite struggle from the back door!

With Regards,


Posted on September 11, 2007


I am glad to inform you all that ambedkartimes.com has successfully completed one year of its humble service
towards the cause of the community. I have been thinking for quite long time how to reach my community and to highlight the state of affairs through which it has been passing and also to facilitate in a very modest way in the upliftment of my fellow beings. It is with this objective in mind that I ventured into this web site which has now completed full one year.

All this has become possible only due to your constant support and encouragement. I on my own behalf and on the behalf of ambedkartimes.com put on record my sincere thanks to all the respectable contributors as well as all the dear readers without whose support this web site could not have been sustained.

This site has been dedicated to Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia, Gadharite and founder of Ad Dharm Movement in Punjab. The sole aim of this site is to highlight the plight of the Mulnivasi of India who have not only been deprived of their due share in the wealth of their own country, but had also been subjected to untold miseries over centuries. Atrocities against them are still rampant in almost all the parts of the country. Hardly a day passes when there is no news about the social boycott or physical repression of all sorts on them. ambedkartimes.com is duty bound to highlight all such incidents as well as to seek and articulate some solid perspective for the amelioration of this age-old problem old social exclusion and blatant violation of the basic human rights of the Dalit brethren.

The improved version of this site is coming soon in the beginning of September 2007.

I once again thanks for your kind support and also expect the same in future too so that this modest attempt would continue in the service of our community. ambedkartimes.com deeply welcome your suggestions for its better functioning. This is your web site and it is you who have to make it successful. Kindly send your valuable articles, news reports, and opinions regularly, we would be pleased to carry them gratefully. Jai Bhim.


Posted on September 1st, 2007

Opinions: "ambedkartimes.com and the So-called Upper Castes".
Ambedkartimes.com has been serving the most deserved humans on earth the dalits for the past one year,
I applaud the work and the vision, I feel very proud about Ambedkartimes work.

Dr. Saint, Ambedkarite

Jai Bheem,

I have been a regular reader, visitor and a well wisher of Ambedkartimes. I have known the lone sailor of this Ambedkartimes website for quite sometime, Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber is a dedicated and a pure Ambedkarite. There was a time, our savior Bheem Rao said something about the term "Mahatma", he said "Mahatmas have come and Mahatmas have gone but the untouchables remain untouchables". In a similar sense, we see dalits talk so highly of this and that but at the subtle level they have done nothing to the society. Quite often during my conversation with Chumber Ji, one thing came to my notice that the bragging of some dalits who are not Ambedkarites in real sense. For instance, people call themselves Buddhists or Ambedkarites, but when you visit their homes or talk to them at little deeper levels, you would easily discover how rotten their homes and thoughts with "Hindu idols and Hindu worshiping.

It would be an ultimate shame if someone calls thyself an Ambedkarites but at his/her house they worship Hindu gods and keep those myriads of idols, pictures of this Hindu god and that Hindu gods in their house, Hindu gods are the highly decorated and hyped mythical statues of Hindu chaturvarna culture that makes no sense for those who reason, we Ambedkarites are people of reason. And, I did talk to few of some well known dalits who called themselves as Ambedkarites, but all their pep talks about Ambedkarism was meaningless when I came to know that their family members worship Hindu gods, and this so called great Ambedkarite cannot even change his wife or other family members to learn and follow Buddha's teachings or Dr. Ambedkar's principles.

We Ambedkarites do not tolerate such idol worshiping ignorance and ambivalent stupidity. Be an Ambedkarite and give up your life and learning to the teachings and preaching of our savior Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and to Lord Buddha. If you do not do so, you are a betrayer. If you believe and worship Hindu gods, do not even think of coming here to any of our Ambedkarites gatherings, this is only for humans who use their brains and minds to upheld the dignity of our society and uplift our people in every sense.

On one of my recent trip to California for a meeting, I stayed overnight in a hotel, knowing that I am in town and in a hotel. Mr. Chumber Ji invited me to his home for a dinner, when I visited his home, I was delighted in joy to see a huge portrait of Ambedkar just in front of the big living room directly facing the main doorway and on the steps another huge picture of Buddha, no Hindu gods or filthy idols. Though he is a Punjabi who goes to Shri Guru Ravidass temple and participate in Shri Guru Ravidas temple activities, he remained a pure Ambedkarite in words, deeds and in his vision.

That's exactly why, we became close in spreading the Dhamma to our dalits through writing, and this is just the beginning, watch very closely on both "upliftthem and on Ambedkartimes.com, we are here to bring the Dhamma to our dalits the most needy humans on earth who were sabotaged for centuries and centuries by those idol worshiping, mindless Indians. All Indians including Indians of all religion and faiths, they all betrayed our dalits. There is no one we can trust or rely upon for uplifting our society, it is us and only we our self can change and uplift our society.

What you all the readers of this site must know that people like Prem Chumberji's are rare people, they are the real servant of our society, I have to recall another quote from Dr. B. R .Ambedkar, "a great man is different from an eminent one in that he or she is ready to be the servant of the society. This is where Premji is a real Ambedkarite and we need people like him to our society. Not those mindless political leaders of Dalit origin, who are slaves of the Brahmincal and feudal system of India.

This editorial of mine is just a warning to sabatogers that there is a zero tolerance for any backdoor sailors in this Ambedkartimes.com, as Prem rightly put it in his message to someone who wrote if upper case people can write. This is not a place for someone to walk in and play the 3000 year old same trick of sabotagery of dalits, it will not work here. Nor it is a filthy political stage where one can join hands for selfish ideas and then betray. This is for people who reason and people who treat humans with dignity. If you think you are and then you can write and publish your thoughts, we do not discriminate good humans who come from any corners of this earth, but we will certainly chase the Brahmins or hindutuva and atrocious people of India out of our intellectually admired place of Ambedkarism.

Jai Bheem,
Dr. Saint, Ambedkarite

Posted on September 13, 2007





( October 25th, 2007)

Mrs. Bishan Kaur Chumber (WIFE)

Mr. C. L. Chumber , Son, (Chief Editor Kaumi Udarian, Jalandhar City, Punjab) , Mrs. Santosh Chumber, Daughter-in-law, (Teacher), Mr. Prem Kumar Chumber, Son, (Editor of www.ambedkartimes.com Ph. 001-510-219-8920), Mrs. Narender Chumber, Daughter-in-law, (Technician), Mrs. Resham Kaur Mehmi, (Daughter), Mr. Dharam Paul Mehmi, Son-in law, (Manager, Oriental Bank of Commerce), Mr. Tarsem Lal Chumber, Son, (Lyric, Singer & Journalist, Jalandhar City), Mrs. Ranjeet Chumber, (Daughter-in-law), Mrs. Balwinder Devi Badhan, (Daughter) Business, Mr. Raj Kumar Badhan (Son-in-law), Principal in MPSEB, Mrs. Naranjan Kaur Ladhar, (Daughter) (TGT S.S of JNV), Mr. Ashok Kumar Ladhar, (Son in law), Principal of JNV, and Mr. Ravi Parkash Chumber (Son).

Grand Daughters : Ravjot Chumber, Amandeep Chumber, Takshila Chumber, Namrita Mehmi, Akanksha Badhan, Meera Chumber, Anjhulka Chumber, and Princy Ladhar.

Grand Sons: Kumarjeev Chumber, Jan Sangram Chumber, Kabir Chumber, Naveen Mehmi, Parveen Mehmi, and Anshu Badhan.


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This site has been dedicated to Bharat Rattan Baba Sahib Dr. Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia, Gadharite and founder of Ad Dharm Movement in Punjab. The sole aim of this site is to highlight the plight of the Mulnivasis (Inhabitants) of India who have not only been deprived of their due share in the wealth of their own country, but had also been subjected to untold miseries over centuries. Atrocities against them are still rampant in almost all the parts of the country. Hardly a day passes when there is no news about the social boycott or physical repression of all sorts on them. ambedkartimes.com is duty bound to highlight all such incidents as well as to seek and articulate some solid perspective for the amelioration of this age-old problem old social exclusion and blatant violation of the basic human rights of the Dalit brethren.

I once again thanks for your kind support and also expect the same in future too so that this modest attempt would continue in the service of our community. ambedkartimes.com deeply welcome your suggestions for its better functioning. This is your web site and it is you who have to make it successful. Kindly send your valuable articles, news reports, and opinions regularly, we would be pleased to carry them gratefully. Jai Bhim.

The views expressed in the articles/news published in the site "www.ambedkartimes.com"are that of their writers, and it is not implied that Prem Kumar Chumber, Editor / www.ambedkartimes.com endorses them.
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This website is dedicated to our great savior Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the memory of Babu Mangoo Ram Mugowalia, our great freedom fighter & the founder of Ad Dharm Movement in punjab


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