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Dr Sawraj Singh M.D. F.I.C.S.
Chairman Washington State Network for Human Rights & Chairman Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice
The Chamcha age (an era of the stooges) by Sahib Shri Kanshi Ram Ji released
on September 24th, 1982 on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Poona Pact
Please click here # http://ia360617.us.archive.org/1/items/TheChamchaAge/TheChamchaAge1.pdf




After the Tucson tragedy, Obama rose to the occasion and tried to unify the country. His message, in the speech given in Tucson during the Memorial ceremony paying tribute to the victims of the tragedy, Obama gave a call to basically change the political atmosphere in the country. Many people are sick and tired of the bitterness injected by the extreme rightists and the populists.
Many people were thinking that like President Carter, Obama is going to be a one time only president. However, it looks more likely that he may follow President Clinton and try to broaden his base by moving to the center. His speech in Tucson was not only admired by his followers but was also appreciated by the people who did not agree with his policies. The media was almost unanimous in the evaluation of the speech, they all applauded it.
In the State of the Union speech, Obama again scored high marks. This was also intended to unite the country. Obama tried to put American exceptionalism in its proper perspective. Originally, the concept of American exceptionalism was introduced by the leftists and had very different connotations than the way it is being used by the extreme rightists and populists. American exceptionalism meant that America had less rigid class divisions than the other countries, particularly the European societies. Therefore, comparatively America provided more opportunities to the people of humble backgrounds than the other societies. However, things have radically changed.
Most of the European countries have become much more socialized and can be called welfare states. In America the opposite has happened, the class boundaries have become more rigid. America has decided to stick to the old style of Capitalism. For example, compared to Germany , the chances of a person coming from the lower one-fifth of the population to get a college education are very slim in America . Even in the percentage of students who will finish high school, there is a very big difference. The percentage of the students who will drop out of high school is much higher if they come from the lower class.
For the extreme rightists and populists, American exceptionalism has become synonymous with American arrogance. To them it means that the Americans are superior to the other people. Therefore, their concept of American exceptionalism is more divisive than unifying. Contrary to what they preach, their practice makes the divisions based upon class, race, and religion more rigid.
Obama wants to weaken the divisions based upon class, race, religion, and political orientation. He wants all Americans to have equal opportunity to progress. However, the situation can only change if we concede that the other countries have made more progress in some fields such as education and meeting the basic healthcare needs of the majority of the people.
For moving to a centrist position, Obama has to claim that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done some good. However, these claims belie the truth. Neither the Iraq war nor Afghanistan war has done any good for America . The bitter reality is that the wars have been lost, however, excepting realities can be extremely difficult sometimes.
I feel that his promise to reform the malpractice laws has been long overdue. It is a common knowledge that many lawsuits are started to make a quick buck rather than making sure that good medicine is practiced. If we compare the number of lawsuits in America to the other countries than the bitter truth will become obvious. I feel probably more lawsuits are filed against the American doctors than the rest of the world combined. Overall, Obama´s message is being very well received in America ; however, the prejudice, ignorance, racially charged blind faith of the rightist followers who came alive during the Bush era and are being fed by Palin will not be easy to overcome. Posted on January 29, 2011
Seoul G-20 Summit, the Developing Countries Gain Clout

Sawraj Singh, M.D. F.I.C.S.
Chairman Washington State Network for Human Rights Chairman Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice

The recently concluded G-20 summit in Seoul clearly showed that the balance of power continues to shift from the developed countries to the developing countries. America is the leading developed country and China is the leading developing country. The relative loss of influence by America and the relative gain of influence by China actually are indicative of the shifting balance of power from the developed countries to the developing countries. The American media and many American intellectuals can now see that America is losing influence in the world and can no longer be called “the only superpower of the world.”

President Obama tried to convince the other countries that the Chinese policy of deliberately keeping the value of the Yuan (the Chinese currency) low was primarily responsible for the world economic crisis. Because, by doing this the Chinese goods became cheaper and that was responsible for the trade deficit as well as for the loss of jobs in other countries. However, the other countries did not agree with Obama.

Even in the midterm elections, both of the parties blamed China for the recession. However, the other countries not only disagree with America, but are critical of America pumping 600 billion dollars of government money into the economy. The American media and some leading American intellectuals have noticed that at the G-20 summit, it became apparent that America does not have the influence that it used to have.

Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, is wondering, “Is America Catching the British Disease?” Edmund Phelps, Professor of Economics at Columbia University and Nobel laureate seems to feel that the US is playing cards poorly with China; because China is seriously trying to reduce its dependence on the exports, but the US and Europe are competing to increase their exports.

America should not see its conflict with China as a conflict between these two countries. In reality, this is a conflict between the East and the West and also it is a conflict between the developing countries and the developed countries. In other words, the conflict between America and China is the manifestation of the old conflict between the old world order and the emerging world order. The western-dominated world order has outlived its age and change is bound to come. In the last two centuries, the West has dominated the East and the developed countries have suppressed the developing countries. The old, western-dominated world order is based upon inequality and unfairness.

In the new world order of a multipolar world in which different centers of power have emerged, the relations between the East and the West and between the developing countries and the developed countries, will be based upon equality and fairness. This is the only way that peace and harmony can be maintained in the world.

America should realize that it can no longer have its way and has to start acting like a member of the global community rather than the overlord of the world. Even South Korea did not agree with a free trade proposal by the US. The G-20 summit sent a loud and clear message to America that it is no longer the only superpower of the world and the developing countries are now gaining clout.Posted on November 17, 2010


Sawraj Singh, M.D. F.I.C.S.

The Russian President Medvedev is visiting China. This visit coincides with the completion of a pipe line which will bring oil from Russia to China. This 999 kilo meter pipe line is very significant because it is a symbol of the emerging Russia-China Alliance. China gave Russia 25 billion dollars credit, and Russia will supply China 300 million tons of oil from 2011 to 2030. Not only, China has been able to guarantee a safe and secure supply for its energy needs for the next two decades, but it also cements the relations between the two countries, even stronger than before.

It is not just the oil but there are many other areas of increasing cooperation between the two countries, including coal, nuclear energy, banking system, cultural and educational exchanges and terrorism. Both the countries now consider their mutual relation as their most important relation.

I have written many times over the last two decades, that Russia and China are going to make an alliance, which will end the Western domination and the American Era. Actually, the Western domination and the American Era ended after America was defeated in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, in the early seventies. However, the Ping Pong diplomacy of Henry Kissinger extended their life by another fifty years. The gist of this policy was to make sure that Russia and China do not get together. After the turmoil of the cultural revolution, the Chinese started to understand the Western intentions. The West encouraged the ultra leftist forces and anti Russian sentiment in China, in order to keep the two countries against each other, thereby weakening both of them.

After the fall of the of the pro Western and weak leaders such as Gorbachov and Yelstin, the Russians also started to understand that the real Western intention was to keep Russia weak and unstable. For all practical purposes, Russia was encircled and contained by the West. When a strong leader, Putin, came to power, he immediately realized that Russia had only one option left to break the Western encirclement, that is to make an alliance with China. Putin laid the foundation of a strong Russia-China alliance.

America tried very hard to woo Russia back to the Western camp, but Putin is too smart to be taken in by the sweet talk. Even an invitation to Bush’s private ranch in Texas did not change Putin’s mind, and he stayed on course for building the alliance with China. Obama also tried to convince Russia that the American policy has fundamentally changed from the arrogant and unilateral policy of Bush. However, Putin did not believe that America will change its policies. So far, Putin proved to be right.

Once America was convinced that Russia will not change its course, then America fundamentally changed its own course, as far priorities in the foreign policy are concerned. The American policy was always based on the notion that Europe is the most important area for maintaining balance of power in the World. This policy was begun when the Soviet Union was considered the main adversary. Now, America considers China as its main adversary. Therefore, Asia has become the most important area for America, so that China can be encircled and contained.

America is trying to line up countries such as Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN and India against China. However, China and Russia know it very well that so long they are united; the American efforts are futile because none of the countries or group of countries can match the united Russia-China strength.

China can pull the rug under the feet of Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN countries because; economically they have become dependent on China. As far as India is concerned, the Western media has always tried to give the impression as if China and India are almost equal in their strength. The Western media even goes a step further and predicts that ultimately India will surpass China. However, all this propaganda is motivated by self interest rather than objectivity. The gap between China and India is too big to be filled in the near future.

One example of where China and India stand, can be seen by comparing the Beijing Olympics to Delhi common wealth games. Even the Western media admitted that the Beijing Olympics were probably the most well organized and the most expensive in the history of Olympics. China had finished most of the construction, about two year’s ahead of games. However, the common wealth games in Delhi have been marred by the charges of corruption, inefficiency and chaos. The foreign teams have arrived and the games are ready to start, but the construction is not finished yet. Just today, China announced that it has the fastest railway in the World reaching speed of 416.6 km per hour.

America should realize that its policy of containing China is not going to work, because China holds most of the cards. As long as Russia and China are together, the outcome of the third world war can be predicted before it even starts. America has lost the Iraq war, and today the Afghan President Karzai was seen openly weeping, because his son will have to leave Afghanistan. Therefore, the defeat in Afghanistan war is certain. America does not have the option of fighting a third World war because it cannot win the war. Therefore, the only sane option is to accept peacefully the emerging new World order of a multi polar World.

Posted on September 29, 2010

Sawraj Singh, M.D. F.I.C.S.

The lessons from reviewing history tell us that whenever capitalist countries had difficult time coming out of an economic crisis, then they resorted to a war. The current economic crisis is one of the worst crises of the western capitalism. Can this crisis lead to a third World war? If we see the situations in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Korea, South America, and Africa, then the possibility of a third war cannot be ruled out.
In Afghanistan, the recently leaked papers show that quickly winning that was is not likely and the situation there is much worse than many people could imagine. The situation in Afghanistan is becoming worse.
Contrary to the western propaganda, Iraq is far from peaceful. Some American policy makers are advocating a solution in Afghanistan similar to Iraq. They are giving the example of Iraq as a successful resolution of the war, where America was able to align a section of the Sunnis, who were previously fighting against the American occupation. They recommend that America should similarly encourage a faction of Taliban to become allies against the insurgency. However, Iraq is not a good example, because it is far from becoming stable or peaceful. The Iraqi government has hardly any control over the situation and remains completely ineffective to deal with the violence. In Afghanistan, the situation is worse than Iraq, because the Taliban have a very big base and support not only among the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, but also have considerable support in Pakistan. Therefore, it is much harder to fight the insurgency in Afghanistan than it was in Iraq.
The situation in Iran is becoming tenser. The government in Iran shows no sign of buckling under the western pressure and remains very defiant. If attached, it almost looks certain that it will counter attack not only the western interests in the Gulf, but will also attack Israel. Russia, which seemed to have reached a compromise with the west on Iran, is now criticizing the European Union for imposing additional sanctions on Iran than what were agreed upon in the United Nations. It clearly shows that China and Russia will not go along with the western plans on Iran.
The situation in the Korean Peninsula also looks very dangerous. China and North Korea are very critical of the American and South Korean military exercises. Once again, China is firmly backing North Korea in the current crisis, as it did 60 years ago during the Korean War.
In South America, relations between Venezuela and Columbia are worsening every day. Hugo Chavez is blaming America of plans to attack Venezuela through Columbia. He has threatened to cut American oil supply from Venezuela.
In Africa, the situation in Somalia is becoming worse. The Somali radicals attacked Ugandans, who were watching the World foot ball cup final in Kampala, taking their struggle to the countries which have sent troops to Somalia. This can widen the conflict to many countries in Africa.
Any of the regional conflicts has the potential to get out of control and lead to a third World war. However, the outcome of this war is almost certain to be different than the previous two World wars. The big difference is that the West cannot win this war.
The West has lost the drive and the spirit to win a war which requires sacrificing millions of soldiers. There is so much domestic opposition when a few hundred or few thousand soldiers die. We have seen that in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a full blown war, the causalities can be so large that none of the western countries can afford to take that risk. The other side is willing to sacrifice their people; this gives them a big edge.
The only realistic option for the west is a diplomatic compromise. The global community should address the genuine grievances and make necessary changes in the present world order so that it becomes more fair and just. Fundamental changes should be made in the capitalist system, so that the benefits of the present Globalization are shared by the vast majority of the people of the world.
Peaceful negotiations and peaceful resolution of the crisis is the only sane option.

Posted on July 27, 2010


Sawraj Singh M.D. F.I.C.S.

The passage of the health care reform bill in Congress is a significant step, but it is unlikely to make a large impact on health care. The American health care system has become the most inefficient in the industrialized world. America spends the highest percentage of the GDP without delivering the results. America has the unhealthiest population in the whole industrialized world. The main reason for this state of affairs is the inefficiency of the American capitalist system itself. The capitalist system has become outdated and needs fundamental reform. Without the fundamental changes, the system is likely to collapse before the middle of the century.

How is the American capitalist system different than the European capitalist system? The European system made changes to make the system responsive to the needs of the majority of the population. However, the American capitalist system has only worked for the top 1%. For the last thirty years, the top 1% has been increasing their assets while the bottom majority kept losing their income and purchasing power. The last thirty years, after Regan came to power, saw the gap between the rich and the poor widening. This is the main cause of so many people being unable to buy any insurance coverage. The number of uninsured Americans continued to climb in the last thirty years. About 46 million Americans have no insurance and even a larger number have inadequate coverage.

Europe has not allowed the gap between the rich and the poor to grow so much. The European working class has not seen their real income decline like their American counterparts. The European state has intervened to make sure that the fundamental needs of its people are met. The state has assured education and health care for all of the population.

Another big difference between the American and European capitalists is their attitude towards race. Even though all capitalists have never hesitated to use the racial factor to their advantage, but there is a big difference between the degree to which the factor has been used. The American capitalist system was founded on the super exploitation of the minorities. Slavery was practiced in Europe, but that was thousands or hundreds of years ago, but America has the rare distinction of practicing slavery in the nineteenth century. The systematic robbing of the lands of the Native Americans and Mexicans continued until the twentieth century, as did the lynching of black people.

The American capitalists have been able to align the white working class against the minorities. Even though the white working class has been the victim of exploitation, yet it has mostly sided with the exploiters rather than the exploited. This phenomenon has helped the capitalist class to keep the working class divided and deny them the benefits which the European working people were able to get.

The American health care suffers from both the relatively inefficient American capitalist system as well as from racism. All studies conducted have shown that the health of minorities is worse than the health of whites. Unfortunately, there are not studies available to show that the minority health care providers are not treated at par with white health care providers.

I have personal experience and know many other minority physicians who tried to practice in areas with large white majority populations. Many of these physicians, including myself, had to suffer tremendously for their experiments.

I have very serious doubts that unless the two major factors affecting our health care system, American capitalism and racism, are changed, we are not going to see a major impact in the delivery of health care. President Obama has tried to start the process of addressing the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Even though it is a step in the right direction, yet it does not go very far. That is why it is unlikely to make a big difference.

Posted on March 26, 2010


Prem Chumber

Baba Sahib Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was in favor of state control market forces. He was of the opinion that nationalization of industrial as well as agriculture sectors would help develop India while taking everyone along with the rising level of national economic growth. In a country like India, long infested with caste divisions and related grim social exclusion, to allow market a free hand would amount to further oppress those who have already been just passing their time at the margins of the society. What does it matter to them whether India achieves 8 or 9 per-cent growth rate? When there would be nothing at all for poors in such glittering statistics, the rising levels of economic growth becomes an alien world for them. Since the very logic of globalization is based on the idea that the welfare state is a hindrance in the way of the global market, it is presumed that the marginalized need not be supported by the state at all as they used to be earlier. This has further deepened marginalization and exclusion of the marginal groups and communities that were traditionally vulnerable and excluded. The rapid pace of transformation in the context of the market forces in the contemporary world has not only heightened the exploitation of the marginalized, but also severely limited the possibilities of their emancipation. Globalization may have opened up enormous opportunities but one has to map the emphasis on the ‘opportunities’. In fact, in the asymmetrical world in which we live, such opportunities open many doors for the haves by further marginalizing the interests of the have nots.

In this way, the process of globalization has favored the capital and, ignored with impunity, the labor. Although, the pontiffs of the fast expanding caravan of globalization are over optimistic about the emergence of ‘integrated distance labor markets’ and the consequent birth of the ‘common wage rates’ the world over, especially in the sector of the skilled labor, there is no general consensus about the equity of flows between capital and labor. The opportunities for the poor, socially excluded, tribal people, women, disabled and other vulnerable groups have shrunk and marginalization of certain sections among these groups (Dalits) has been intensified through the process of Special Economic Zones and arbitrarily deprivation of land and displacement.

The Dalits have been excluded from social, economic and political rights including the right to education and employment, other than the traditional forced and customary undignified labor, precisely because of their birth in the untouchable castes. They also suffered from social exclusion because of their geographical segregation. They were forced to live on the outskirts of the villages towards which the wind blew and sewage flowed. Their houses were dirty, dingy, dark, and unhygienic where poverty and squalor loomed large. Until 1990, there had been some improvements in the lives of the Dalits in terms of education and employment opportunities, increase in wages, fall in poverty, access to land, water, health, education, housing and other resources owing to the State’s affirmative action. However, the trend was reverted and sidelined with the onset of the economic reforms under the process of globalization. The economic policy in India has undergone a major transformation since the beginning of the early 1990s, under the paradigm of liberalization, privatization, and globalization. One of the main concerns of this new paradigm is to facilitate the process of the roll back of the welfare State and prepare the space for the operation of the unrestrained market forces and open international trade. This pro-market and capital stance of the process of economic globalization has led to the widening of the gap between the privileged few and the large mass of the marginalized, and among them the Dalit laborers, daily wage workers and workers in the informal sector suffer the most.

For Dalits and other marginalized sections of the society in such adverse times, if still there is any hope to seek their genuine human rights and chances to livelihood that is the egalitarian, peaceful, rational and social-democratic philosophy of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who had devoted his entire life for the cause of the uplift of the downtrodden.

Posted on January 1st, 2010

Year 2009: The End of the American Era and the Beginning of Asia’s Century

Sawraj Singh M.D. F.I.C.S.

The end of the year 2009 and the first decade of the 21st century show that America’s status as the only superpower of the world has ended and the era of the western domination of the world has also ended. China has clearly emerged as an economic superpower and the manufacturing center of the world. Whereas the western economies took a big beating because of the recession, the Chinese economy grew by more than 9% in the year 2009.

If we consider the most important happenings of the decade, then the 9/11 attacks on America stand out to be the most widely accepted important event of the decade. Many people believe that the rise of China is also one of the most important events of the decade. The election of a black man as President of America was also one of the most significant developments of the decade, but unfortunately, in the year 2009, it appears that a majority of white Americans are having difficulty accepting a black person as the leader of their country. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are also very important happenings. Similarly, the war in Pakistan against terrorism along with the war in Afghanistan is probably going to be the deciding war of the era. The outcome of the war will do the same thing to America and the west what it did for the Soviet Union.

The fastest bullet train between Hong Kong and Beijing did the same thing for China in 2009 what the Beijing Olympics did in 2008. These are the biggest symbols of the rising power of China and the declining influence of the West. Michael Jackson’s death and Tiger Woods’ fall from grace were clear messages that in the American capitalist system, instability and uncertainty can affect the highest achievers, particularly if they are minorities. Nobody in this system can feel safe, stable, or secure. Many people feel that people in the third world countries are unsafe, unstable, and insecure and one of the incentives for migration from the third world countries to the western countries is that people feel that they are safer, more stable, and more secure in the western countries. However, this is an illusion. While it may be true that physically, you may be at less risk, but overall, you become more unstable and more insecure. The capitalist system disintegrates the family structure.

The family plays a big role in making an individual stable and secure. The capitalist system breeds insecurity because of its belief that if people feel secure, then they become complacent and lose the urge to be more productive. Therefore, the feeling of insecurity makes them more productive.

The recession did not affect India as badly as it affected the western countries and the Indian economy grew more than 6%. India gained more status in the world in the year 2009. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s visit to America showed that even though nothing much substantial was achieved, yet the way he was received clearly showed the enhanced status of India in the world. However, India has not clearly chosen sides between the East and the West. Japan, on the other hand, under the leadership of Yukio Hatoyama, seems clearly tilting to the East. After being elected as Prime Minister of Japan, Hatoyama has advanced the concept of an East Asian community on the pattern of the European Union. Hatoyama has made history by publicly stating his objective to expel all American troops from Japan.

England continues to decline. The French and German economies were already larger than the British economy. But in the year 2009, even the Italian economy surpassed England, pushing the British economy into the fourth place in Europe and the eighth place in the world. Russia’s influence, under Vladimir Putin’s leadership, in Europe and the world continues to grow. America has decided to retract the decision to install a new missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia perceived this system to be directed against it and strongly objected.

America was unable to change the outcome of the Presidential election in Iran. The Iranian government continues to maintain anti-American and anti-Israeli policies. At this point, the pro-Western opposition in Iran seems to be risking strong retaliation, including a risk of massacre. This may be a reversal of the roles; in Indonesia and Chile, the pro-American forces massacred the leftist and patriotic forces.

Cuba and Venezuela are firmly uniting to counter the American influence in Latin America. Hugo Chavez has emerged as the strongest and most vocal opponent of the American policies. Even Mexico seems to be challenging America and the religious right by becoming the first Latin American nation to legalize gay marriage.

Africa’s relation with China continues to become closer. China is helping Africa to get rid of the traditional western hold on its economy. In spite of some regional conflicts, overall, Africa is moving towards greater unity and is asserting independence from the west.

Australia has made significant change from John Howard’s pro-American, anti-third world, and overtly racist policies. Kevin Rudd, the new Prime Minister, continues to cement closer relations with China and the East. His fluency in Mandarin (Chinese language) and his college degree in Chinese studies are helping Australia to move closer to China.

The Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark could not achieve much and was unable to narrow the differences between the developing and the developed countries. It has been clearly established that global warming is the result of increased human activity, while the population of the world continues to increase. The main reason for the uncontrolled growth of the population is the capitalist system itself because it looks at people as if they were a commodity which can be exploited to maximize profits.

One can only hope that the fall of the western capitalist system will lead to an alternate model of development, which will be based upon the collective wisdom of mankind and will include the wisdom of the East, which has been ignored in the last two centuries.

Posted on December 31, 2009


Dr Sawraj Singh

It is becoming clear that Pakistan is becoming the arena for the final and decisive showdown between West and Islam. American leaders are also admitting that Pakistan is now the main seat for the war against terrorism and the war in Afghanistan is also primarily based in Pakistan. Why is Pakistan so important for West’s struggle against Islamic fundamentalism? The major cause for this is that Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent have the largest Muslim population in the world.

At present there are three main centers of struggle between the West and Islamic fundamentalists. These are Afghanistan - Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia. Out of these three Afghanistan – Pakistan has the biggest population. Its population is about 10 times bigger than the other two. It is not just Pakistan but the whole Indian subcontinent is practically one unit of population. In this area about 500 million Muslins are living. This makes the area to have the largest population of Muslims in the World.

The second cause of the area’s importance in this struggle is historical. Historically, this area has played a very important role. In the ancient times, the Indus valley civilization of the Dravidians was a very highly evolved civilization. They had developed big cities such as Mohenjo daro and Harappa. Their ships traded with Mesopotemia via the Indus River and the Arabian Sea. The Aryan civilization also developed in this area. Alexander also attacked this area and when he met stiff resistance from the kings such as Porus, he decided to stop advancing further and return to Greece. Chandar Gupat Morya also defeated Seleucus, the Greek Governor, in this area and founded the Morya dynasty.

This area flourished under the golden age of the Gupta period and under the great kings such as Kanishka and Harshvardhan. The first and the greatest university was also built in this area. This was the University in Takshila attracting students from all over the World. This is the area which came in contact with Islam for the first time in the Indian subcontinent when Mohammad Bin Kasam invaded the area. Guru Nanak, who developed the Indian spirituality and thought to the peak, was also born in this area.

In the modern times also this area played a very significant role. In the nineteenth century, the greatest power of the century, the Great Britain tasted defeat for the first time in Afghanistan. In the twentieth century, the greatest military power the Soviet Union was defeated in this area and in the twenty first century the greatest power America is probably going to be defeated in this area.

The third cause of the importance of the area is geographical. This is the most strategically located area in Asia. This can be called a link between the three major parts of Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East. Therefore, whatever happens in the area will not only affect the whole Asia but will also affect the balance of power in the World.

At this time, it appears that America and its Western allies are heading toward their final defeat in this area. The pro american military and civilian elite in Pakistan are facing its worst crisis and possible demise. Most probably the Islamic fundamentalists will come to power in Pakistan just as they have come to power in Iran .

The American defeat in Pakistan will be similar to the defeat in Vietnam but will also be different than that war. The defeat in Vietnam did not end either the American era or the Western domination of the World. However, the defeat in Pakistan will lead to the end of the American era and the end of the Western domination of the World. This will also lead to the beginning of “Asia’s century” because Islam can defeat the West but it cannot conquer the whole World. Actually, the third force, led by china will become the leading force in the World. China, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN countries will become the biggest financial and trading centers of the World.

I have been continually saying this for the last two decades that in the second decade of the twenty first century, Asia, led by China will become the major center of the World. I feel that my predictions are becoming true. India’s future depends upon whether it will continue its alliance with America and then suffer along with the defeated side or India will join Russia and the Asian countries and be on the winning side. India’s future can only be bright if it joins its natural allies, Asia and the third World.

Posted on December 12, 2009


The year 2008 and the year 2009 have shown that the trends of China becoming the most powerful country and Asia becoming the leading region of the world are now becoming a reality. China won more gold medals than any other country. China’s economy grew more than 8% while many countries faced severe recession and shrinking economies. China became leading trade partner of many important countries. China’s infrastructure is developing at a very rapid pace.

China’s success at the Beijing Olympics was remarkable. Not only China won more gold medals than any other country but it out spent any other country in the history of Olympics. The opening and closing ceremonies left their mark. The quality of service provided to the athletes and the visitors was also unparalleled.

Some people were saying that China’s economy is only strong because of its cheap exports and once the exports are cut back then the Chinese economy will also collapse. Nothing like that happened. When all the major western countries faced severe recession and the Chinese exports to them were cut back even then China managed to have a respectable rate of growth for its economy. The economy grew by more than 8%.
China became the number one trading partner of Japan, India and Brazil. In each of these countries, China replaced America to become its largest trading partner. Let us look at trade between India and China. The growth has been phenomenal. From 2000 to 2008 the trade has gone up 30 times. The trade has exceeded the targets and expectations. For example, it was expected that the trade between the two countries can reach fifty billions by the year 2010. Actually it may reach 60 billion.

China’s economic growth mainly came from the internal development. For example, the Chinese railways has now become the most advanced in the World. The domestic consumption is going up. One indicator of growing domestic consumption is that the Chinese are now eating more meat. For the first time, in 2008, the Chinese meat production was more than the U.S.A. China produced more meat than any other country in the World. Similarly, for the first time, the Chinese auto sales exceeded the American auto sales. Chinese bought more cars than people in any other country of the World. The Chinese major 500 companies made more profit than the topmost 500 companies of the U.S.A. The total profit for the topmost Chinese companies was about 170 billion dollars, whereas the figure was about 98 billion for the American companies. This has never happened before.

Few years ago, when the Chinese steel production exceeded the U.S.A. steel production, I commented that in the past two centuries there is a clear corelation between steel production and the overall development of a country. Therefore, china was bound to become the most powerful country when its production exceeded any other country's steel production. This is exactly happening. At that time very few people agreed with me that this is going to happen. However, now many people feel that China becoming the most powerful country and Asia becoming the leading region of the World are the two major trends of the World. Very few now doubt that the twenty-first century is Asia ’s century.

Posted on September 10, 2009

Sawraj Singh,M.D. F.I.C.S.

            During a recent visit to England , Parchanda, the Maoist leader and the former Prime Minister of Nepal, tried to give some sincere advice to India .  He said that America was trying to increase its influence in Asia and India should join China to stop America from expanding its influence there.  He also said that he did not want to tilt Nepal to China but wanted to maintain equal relations with India and China .  Parchanda has also claimed that he did not allow America and India to use Nepal against China and that cost him his job.

            Some of India ’s senior military officers have also cautioned India against getting involved in a war with China .  They feel that India cannot match China ’s strength.  India should seriously reconsider its policy toward America and China .

            It is no hidden secret that America wants to use India to contain China .  This policy was made during Bush’s presidency.  President Obama wants to change the American policies toward China , the Islamic countries and the third World countries. However he is finding out that it is very difficult to bring any fundamental change in the American policies.  His healthcare reform is facing very serious resistance.  At first, there were shouting zealots who did not want to listen to the others and will not allow them to speak.  Now there are people carrying hand guns and even assault rifles to express their opposition to the President            .

            The worst fear is that if there is violence against the President that can easily change into a racial confrontation in an America which is already getting polarized along the racial lines. Many people had hoped that a black President would lead to more unity between different races and make diversity and multiculturalism more acceptable, exactly the opposite seems to be happening.

            It seems that Obama may not be able to change the jingoist anti China , anti Islam and anti third World policies started by Bush.  A recent trailer was seen when the Bolywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was subjected to 2 hours security search at the New York airport because he is a Muslim.  Does India want to be seen aligned with anti third World policies when India itself belongs to the third World?  This also means that such American policies can only increase tensions and instability in the South Asia region . India has most to lose if this region becomes unstable.

            The out come of Iraq war and now the direction of war in Afghanistan should convince India that the American policies in the region are not going to succeed.  In Afghanistan , the Taliban are gaining control over most of the country, even Kabul is no longer safe.  President Karzai is aligning with the war lords such as Dostum.  These war lords have frequently switched sides.  For example, Dostum has changed sides so many times that it is even difficult to keep a count of which side he was on.  Therefore, Karzai’s alliance with Dostum shows his utter desperation.  Karzai belongs to the dominant Pashtun clan while Dostum is on Uzbek. Kazai’s alliance with Dostum can further lower his standing among the Pashtuns and can only help the Taliban to further increase their influence among the Pashtuns.  Traditionally, Pashtuns have always dominated Afghanistan .  It is becoming increasingly clear that America ’s fate in Afghanistan is going to be similar to its fate in Iraq and will be like the British in nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century.

            India should finally accept the fact that the American influence is declining while China ’s influence is growing.  Many people in the world feel that America can no longer maintain its only superpower status.  Even the present recession should have convinced India that the West is declining and the east is rising.  How long India wants to deny the obvious.  Time has come for India to seriously reconsider its policies and start asserting itself as a part of the third World and the East.

Posted on August 21, 2009

America Can Not Have it Both Ways

Sawraj Singh,M.D. F.I.C.S.

                Why a black man was elected President of America?  One of the main reasons was that under President Busch, America was getting isolated in the World.  He was very unpopular not only in the third world countries but also with the allies such as Europe and even the next door neighbor Canada . An opinion survey done by the PEW showed that a very big majority of the people all over the World had an unfavorable opinion about America .  In a situation like this Obama could be very useful.  His being black would help him in the third world countries, particularly the Africa and the Islamic countries and his political liberal views would be very helpful in Europe.

                President Obama has delivered what was expected of him.  A recent survey by the PEW has shown that a big majority of the people of the World have a favorable opinion about America .  However, Obama’s liberal views are not acceptable at home.  America wants to have it both ways.  It wants to use Obama to improve its image in the World but wants to continue the racist and rightist policies at home.

                Racial profiling and racial prejudice are a fact of life in America .  Still many white people become uncomfortable when somebody talks about it.  When President Obama called the arrest of Professor Gates a stupid act he also said that the police was more likely to stop the blacks and the Latinos.  There has been a big uproar over the word stupid to a point that President Obama has almost apologized.  However, the hue and cry has drowned the real issue.  Is there racial profiling by the police? 

                There are many studies to show that racial profiling is practiced by the police.  A study showed that LA police was three times more likely to stop a black or Latino as compared to a white driver.  There was an interesting study done in Illinois , the home state of President Obama.  The blacks and Latino motorists were two times more likely to be searched even though the white motorists were twice as likely to have the contraband material when searched compared to the blacks and the Latinos.

                Racial profiling cannot be eliminated unless we eradicate racial prejudice.  The experiences of a white and minority person are very different.  Whereas a minority person always feels that he is not treated at par with the whites, many white people feel that the minorities are just making up the racial prejudice because they do not feel that anybody is being discriminated.  Some whites even say that the minorities are using a racial card when they say that they are being discriminated.  Where ever any concrete study is done then it showed that the racial prejudice is real and not just a feeling of the minorities.

                President Obama has radically changed the foreign policy but is meeting a tough resistance when he is changing the domestic policies.  The monopoly capitalists commonly known as the special interest groups actually control the American policies.  At this time they are in agreement that the foreign policy and America ’s growing isolation in the world has to be changed.  However, they are not yet ready to change the racist and the rightist domestic policies.

                The foreign policy and the domestic policies are inter-related.  We cannot have a situation where we have a liberal foreign policy but a conservative domestic policy.  Both the policies should be based upon the ground realities.  The ground reality is that America has become a multi cultural society and the World has become a multi -polar world.  The American capitalism is primitive and outdated.  Therefore it cannot meet the challenges of the new and changed conditions.  The collapse of the present the American capitalism is inevitable. It needs a fundamental change to make it more compatible with the new global realities.   We have to radically change both the domestic and the foreign policies.  We cannot have it both ways, changing the foreign policy but retaining the old domestic policies.

Posted on July 28, 2009

Sawraj Singh,
M.D. F.I.C.S.

Sarkozy, the French President attacked Burqa which is a religious symbol for the Muslim women and said that it was not acceptable in France .  He is trying to enforce the western concepts of woman’s liberation on the other cultures.  The western arrogance manifests itself when the westerners believe that their values are universal values.  I have always wondered how Bush, a man who seems to have below average intelligence, can become President of the leading country of the World.  However, Sarkozy becoming President of France is even a greater wonder.

            France is a country which has the most liberal and revolutionary traditions.  Even the word Socialism was developed in France .  A person such as Sarkozy who is an extreme rightist, stubborn, arrogant, anti Muslim, anti minority, anti third world and American stooge, becoming President of France is nothing less than the eighth wonder of the World.  One can only hope that the French will learn from the Americans and put Sarkozy in the proper perspective as America has done for Bush.  Bush became the most disliked President in the American history.

            Sarkozy was the only leader of a major European country who advocated boycotting the Beijing Olympics.  When the Chinese wanted to punish France economically, he did not mind turning around and apologizing to China .  Sarkozy has kept France on a roller coaster ride as far as relations with China are concerned.  He takes a tough stand against China and then has no qualms about begging China ’s forgiveness.

            Sarkozy is an east European immigrant to France ; therefore he probably does not know the French history very well.  Burqa became a very important symbol of resistance to France in Algeria .  The Algerian revolutionaries used Burqa as a rallying point for the struggle against the French colonialists and France was kicked out of Algeria .  His reaction against Burqa can get France in trouble with many Islamic countries who may like to kick the French out of those countries.  Can Sarkozy see the beating Bush took in Iraq and the westerners are taking in Afghanistan and Somalia from the Islamic radicals.  By alienating China and the Islamic countries, Sarkozy may do the biggest damage to France ’s future.

            Some zealots are pressing President Obama to take a tougher stand against the Islamic government of Iran .  These Americans should read the history of America ’s involvement in Iran .  In 1953, the CIA unseated the nationalist Prime Minister of Iran who was democratically elected and replaced him with “Shah”, the most brutal dictator.  The irony is that the Shah was not even a genuine Shah because he had no royal blood.  In Chile , the dually elected President Salvador Allende was overthrown and killed by the most brutal and ruthless dictator   Pinochet with the help of CIA.  The atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki , the Napalm bombs on Vietnam and the cluster bombs on Iraq do not speak very well about the democracy or human rights.

            The era of western domination is over.  Sarkozy and people like him should accept the realities of the present times and be prepared to live in a multipolar world where we should tolerate, accept and celebrate Diversity.  We should finally accept the fact that the western values are not the universal values.  Let different people follow their own cultural and religious values.  No matter how they look to us but the other people have an equal right to follow their way of life.  

Posted on June 23, 2009

Sawraj Singh,
M.D. F.I.C.S.

            The victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a conservative, over Mir Hossein Mousavi, a reformist, in the Iranian presidential election is a big setback for America .  President Obama’s policy of reaching out to the Muslims was supposed to help the reformists and the pro-American elements in Iran .  This did not happen.  The main reason for the outcome of the election is that the reformists and the pro-American elements are mostly limited to the westernized middle class in the urban areas.

            The conservatives and the fundamentalist Islamists still have a strong hold on the rural population as well as the poor in the urban areas.  As expected, Mousavi did well in Tehran but lagged behind in the rest of Iran .  Ahmadinejad won more than 62% of the votes.  There have been demonstrations by the opposition in Tehran which have received very wide coverage by the western media.  However, Ahmadinejad and the conservative Muslims are likely to continue dominating Iran for a long time.  Iran will continue its tough policy toward America and will also continue developing its nuclear power.  Iran will be encouraged to take this stand by the developments in the Korean peninsula.  North Korea has decided to renew its program to develop nuclear weapons and is upgrading its missile system.  Iran is running parallel to North Korea .

            Unlike North Korea , Iran plays a very central and vital role in the World affairs.  Iran is a big oil producing country.  It is a major player in the Middle East .  Iran also influences Central Asia . That is why Iran was invited as an observer to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s meeting in Yekaterinburg , Russia .  There, Ahmadinejad criticized the unipolar world order led by the U.S.A.   He said that the current regional conflicts and the global economic downturn has demonstrated the unipolar world order dominated by the United States is not viable.  Iran has a crucial role in resolving the crisis in Iraq .  For all of these reasons, America will have to work with Iran no matter who is in power there.

            Whereas Senator McCain and the other republicans are urging America to resume a tough policy towards Iran , President Obama has pleaded for a more cautious approach.  The World has changed since 1953 when the CIA could unseat Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, the nationalist leader in Iran .  It is very difficult for America to influence developments in Iran now.  If America openly supports the reformists, then they can face the charges of being “American lackeys.” Already the security guards in Tehran were shouting “Death to America ” while beating the reformist protestors.  The protestors in Tehran can face a similar fate to the protestors in the Tianmen square.

            Meanwhile, in Yekaterinburg , Russia , Ahmadinejad’s suggestion that the unipolar world order dominated by the U.S.A. is crumbling, seemed to make sense.  There were two major meetings showing that the balance of power in the World is quickly changing: the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which includes Russia , China , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , and Uzbekistan , invited India , Iran , Mongolia and Pakistan as observer states.  The other organization, the BRIC, comprises Brazil , Russia , India , and China also is meeting there. 

Even though India seems to be politically aligned with the U.S.A. , yet its economic interests are leading it towards China .  China has already become India ’s largest trading partner with the trade between the two countries expected to increase to 60 billion dollars in 2010.

Posted on June 21, 2009

Economic Crisis Sharpens Different Contradictions
Sawraj Singh,
M.D. F.I.C.S.


            The recession and the present economic crisis of capitalism has sharpened different contradictions such as  between the developed countries and the developing countries, between America and Europe, between the right and the left, between the radicals and the moderates, between different castes and between the conservatives and the liberals.  The latest example is the parliamentary election in the European Union.  In many European countries such as England , Germany , France and Italy , the leftist social democrats are losing and the conservative right and centre are gaining.  This phenomenon is opposite to what is happening in many third World countries.  For example, in South America , one after the other country is having a leftist and marxist government.  Recently in the OAS summit in Honduras , Cuba won a great victory when all the 34 member countries except the USA voted to readmit Cuba to the organization.  All the countries except the USA have diplomatic relations with Cuba now.

            The approach to solve the economic crisis is different in the USA and Europe .  President Obama wants to increase the spending and move more toward socialization.  The conservatives and the rightists are opposing his measures.  Europe seems to be going in the opposite direction.  The Europeans want to cut back the spending.  If America is moving towards the left and more liberal policies, Europe is moving toward the right and conservatism.

            The contradiction between Western Europe and Russia is also becoming sharper.  Russia ’s using its energy power instead of its military power to bring the Western Europe to its knees.  The Western European dependence on Russian gas continues to increase.  The Western Europe ’s efforts to develop a gas pipeline from Central Asia to Europe are not doing well and Russia continues to build pipelines to Europe .

            When it comes to the relations between the developed and the developing countries both Europe and America are not willing to bring the necessary changes to move towards a new World order.  Basically, they want to maintain status quo and continue the Western domination of the World.

            President Obama’s reaching out to the Muslims also seems to be based upon using the differences between the radical and the moderate Muslims to isolate the more extremist and militant factions.  However, his policy is being attacked by some Jewish groups, conservatives and the rightist as being apologetic to the Muslims and going against the interest of Israel .  However, his policy may be responsible for the victory of Pro American factions in Lebanon ’s recent elections.

            In the Korean peninsula, the contradictions are sharpening to a point that an armed conflict is becoming a distinct possibility.  South Korea is moving closer to the USA and North Korea and China are coming closer.  Will this mean restarting the Korean War which was never formally ended and still there is only a truce?                                                                                                                                  The Indian subcontinent can become the major arena for the conflict between the established forces and the forces that went to change the old World order.  The Indian government seems solidly aligned with America .  Most of India ’s neighbors seem to be leaning more toward China .  Pakistan , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are clearly leaning towards China in the struggle for influence in South Asia between India and China .   Even in Nepal which is a Hindu majority country, patriotism now means opposing the Indian domination. Recently we saw a growing conflict between the upper and the lower castes in Punjab after one of the religious leaders belonging to the lower caste was killed in Vienna in a Sikh Gurudwara. The lower castes[Dalits] are demanding more representation in the political, social and religious institutions which is compatible with their share of population.   

            The final battle between the established Western powers and the forces of    and the third World will most probably be fought in Pakistan and Afghanistan .  The British took a severe beating in Afghanistan and the tribal area between Afghanistan and Pakistan .  The Russians were defeated in Afghanistan leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union .  America is also likely to receive the final blow in this area and cease to be the only superpower of the World.  Taliban are not only becoming stronger in Afghanistan but also are gaining in Pakistan .  An Islamic revolution in Pakistan similar to the one in Iran now looks like a strong possibility.  The contradiction between the Western elite and the ordinary people is becoming very acute there.

Posted on June 21, 2009


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